Binge Eating

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Treatment for Compulsive Overeating

We understand that treating binge eating is a complex process. Using a combination of cognitive behavioral groups and individual psychotherapy, as well as holistic adjunctive treatment techniques, we help you address the personal issues that have been affecting your ability to fully enjoy your life.

Treatment at Casa Palmera is individualized for each resident. It begins with an evaluation by a host of professionals that includes a comprehensive nutritional assessment by a certified bio-medical nutritionist, as well as bio/neuro feedback with brain mapping. Both of these approaches help you ease your anxiety and help you build the necessary skills needed to make healthy food choices.

Yoga, Reiki, expressive art therapy and meditation are just a few of the adjunctive services available to compliment the individualized cognitive behavioral treatment plan designed by your team of psychiatrists and mental health professionals.

Binge Eating Disorder Is A Disease

It is not your fault. Binge eating disorder is a disease. Recovery is possible and a life filled with inner peace is in reach.

  • Social factors, such as an emphasis on appearance by society and the media, may contribute to problems with self image, thus creating stress for those already biologically vulnerable to disordered eating. Current knowledge suggests that genes, combined with environmental stressors, can contribute to the development of an eating disorder.
  • Commonalities found in those with binge eating disorder include: suffering from low self-esteem, disorganized thought processes, difficulty recognizing and expressing emotions, a family history of depression, and or trauma.
  • If you have a family member that has struggled with an eating disorder, your chance of developing the disease increases significantly.
  • Various life changes can trigger the onset of binge eating disorder.
  • Past trauma can cause one to use food to numb the pain and fear, that can often feel too overwhelming to deal with.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Our treatment facility, Located Near San Diego, has a goal to not only heal the physical body but the spirit as well.

Imagine life free from binge eating. It is possible.

Proven Treatment for Binge Eating

Begin the healing process with an individualized treatment program designed to address the physical effects and underlying causes of your binge eating disorder.Casa Palmera successfully treats people from all over the United States and abroad who are suffering from binge eating disorders.

Eating Disorders

Five Primary Contributors

  • Genetics
  • Interpersonal environment
  • Media Read More »
  • Trauma or various life changes
  • Society

Self Assessments

Are you dealing with an eating disorder? Take the following self assessment for aid in discovering whether or not you should be seeking treatment.

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