National Eating Disorders Awareness Week


This week launches a very important week for us at Casa Palmera, National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (or NEDA). The theme this year is “I Had No Idea”, a very strong and powerful message when considering the shear number of cases of eating disorders that impact our nation every day. It’s important that we stand together to fight these diseases, as it’s often a top condition that individuals brush under the table, not realizing that they have a problem or are too embarrassed to discuss. Eating disorders are not choices, they are serious diseases that we need to recognize, as well as learn to understand the behavior and pressures that can help shape and form them. Growing the awareness of how much eating disorders impact so many close to us is the first step towards recovery.

A few facts from the NEDA Awareness website:

  • In the USA, 30 million individuals will be affected by some type of an eating disorder during their lives.
  • Types of eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and other feeding and eating disorders
  • Eating disorders affect all types of individuals and does not discriminate by race, age, sex, age or size.
  • Females are not the only ones affected by eating disorders, 10 million males in the United States will suffer from an eating disorder at a point in their lives
  • 6 out of 10 teenage girls feel insecure about their bodies when comparing themselves to models in magazines and in the media
  • Eating disorders can begin with preoccupation with food and weight, but their underlying factors can go much deeper into genetic factors that lead to specific vulnerabilities

At Casa Palmera, we urge you to look closely at the eating habits and behaviors of those around you. It might be something as simple as quick bathroom trips during or after meals, or sudden declines from every type of dining invite, or another slight change in behavior. There are several areas of concern that come from discomfort surrounding your general habits of food that could be diagnosed as an eating disorder. You deserve a healthy and clean life and we want to ensure you

If you or anyone that you know might have a problem, please contact Casa Palmera or discuss with a medical professional. Your life is worth it!