Adult Picky Eating May Be Sign Of Eating Disorder

We all know kids who won’t eat their vegetables. But what about when that finicky eating carries on into adulthood? Is it just a matter of personal taste – or an actual eating disorder that needs treatment? CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist reports that researchers are launching a new national finicky eating registry to find out.

When Stephanie Schwab was a child, she would only eat white food.

“Cream of wheat, cottage cheese and noodles, and anything that was bland and white,” Schwab said. “That’s what I would eat and I wouldn’t eat anything else.”

As an adult, she’s added lots of new foods to her list. But there are still entire food groups she just won’t touch, which can make things difficult when ordering a meal.

Schwab said, “I am kind of like Sally from ‘When Harry Met Sally’ when I’m very specific about how I order. I want this and I don’t want that, and that can get a little tiring sometimes.”

Some researchers believe highly restricted diets may actually be a form of eating disorder, even though the finicky eater isn’t concerned about weight.