Bulimia Clinic and the Dangerous Secret

One thing that most patients at a bulimia clinic have in common is that they at one point have kept the disease a secret from others.

Several studies have been done that do actually show that out of all eating disorders, bulimia is the the one that is kept a secret the most often.  Sometimes the individual with the disease can keep it hidden for years.  In some cases, bulimia can last for up to 20 years or longer.

Bulimia can be very difficult to diagnose because of it’s secretive nature.  Many will develop some of the first symptoms of bulimia when they are a teenager or young adult.  Since the disease is so easy to hide, most of these individuals will not show the signs of bulimia until much later in their life.

Unlike anorexia, the signs and side effects of bulimia are not always going to be physically present.  Even though an individual has bulimia, they are usually able to maintain a healthy weight.  This of course usually does not set off any warnings.

If you are suffering from bulimia, it is important that you get help from a bulimia clinic so you don’t do permanent damage to your health.