California Eating Disorder Websites Dangerous for Teens

 The sites in question are called pro eating disorder web sites (also known as Proanamia). Many teens who are looking to lose weight, and many who don’t even need to, are logging into these sites and engaging in very dangerous eating habits.

Researchers have found that many parents aren’t even aware of their children logging into such sites. Many of these sites consists of communities where people gather to discuss how to engage in disordered eating. Most of these California eating disorder websites even feature sections where people share tips and techniques on how to stay thin (the unhealthy way).

One of the big problems with many of internet sites out there is that forums can just evolve and take on their own shape and form which unfortunately was completely different than the authors original intent.

Most kids are also much more web savvy than their parents are, so this adds to the problem. Parents just don’t seem to know how to control their children’s internet surfing.

If you are a parent and are concerned your child might be visiting such websites, please sit down with them and find out what they are doing on the internet. If you child comes home one day and says that they “feel fat” or “I’m going on a diet”, you should take it very seriously and see why they feel that way.