Eating Disorder Residential Center Sees Increase In Older Women

More cases of eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are showing up in older women.  Many of these women aged 30 – 50 are seeking help from an eating disorder residential center.  These diseases which were once considered to be only for the young are now being seen in this older age group.

Research shows that more women are now seeking help for several reasons which include pressure from our society to be thin, an increasing public awareness, and baby boomers coming to age.

Health experts say that many of the women who are in this age group have had the problem for years.  It is known that bulimia and anorexia peak as a young adult, but many of the individuals continue experiencing symptoms all the way through to the middle of their life.

Many women in the age group are also experiencing many other problems that women in their teens don’t, such as debt, divorce, work, etc… Many women wake up one day and step in front of a mirror only to think that their body is not what it once used to be.  This causes them to go on a diet.

An eating disorder residential center can help solve the problems and individuals might be having.