Eating Disorder Residential Programs Reveal the Dangers of Dieting

There are many eating disorder residential programs out there to choose from, but which one will actually be the healthiest?

You can become addicted to dieting very quickly, which can lead to numerous health problems.  It today’s world, when one person loses some weight, everyone around that person wants to learn how they did it and try the same diet.  Unfortunately not everybody has enough determination and dedication to stay on the diet.  This results in sticking with the diet for a week or so and then returning back to normal eating habits.  Some people will start the new diet at the beginning of the week, but by the time Friday rolls around they are eating fast food hamburgers and french fries again.  This is known as Yoyo dieting.

One of the biggest dangers of Yoyo dieting is the constant weight changes.  Many organs in your body, such as the heart, are not designed to take on the amount of stress that frequent weight change brings.  Many health professionals will even recommend that is is healthier to be a few pounds overweight than to have your weight yoyo all the time. It is important for people to begin a diet to stick with it.

It is also very easy to become malnourished when frequently dieting because most diets require you to cut out certain foods.  Most of these foods that are being cut out contain essential vitamins and minerals for the human body.  Even normal fat is important for your body.

Another big concern with dieting is that the diet can eventually develop into an easting disorder.  You can become so obsessed with your appearance and weight that you become physically and psychologically addicted to losing weight, and eventually develop a disorder.

If you are considering going on a diet make sure to research  the best available options.  More importantly however, if you do plan on dieting try to stick by it and don’t fall into a routine of yoyo dieting.