Eating Disorder Treatment Centers Suggest Healthy Excercise

New information from eating disorder treatment centers suggest that by adding a healthy exercise program to your daily treatment you will increase your chances of battling the disease.

Researchers revealed that individuals who took part in exercise programs that were designed to make you feel better about yourself instead of weight loss, tended to have a healthier approach towards eating and life.  Depending on what exercises the individual does, weight can even be gained back in the form of muscle.

During exercise, health officials suggest the need to emphasize that fitness can be used to make the body feel rejuvenated rather than just burn calories.   The study showed that individuals who took part in healthy exercise with anorexia gained more than one-third more weight than those who didn’t have anorexia.

Exercising also plays a very valuable mental role in that it can alleviate an individual’s anxieties about eating.  Individuals may also learn the importance of how exercising can increase your self esteem, and improve your quality of life.