Eating Disorder Treatment Clinics believe that Anorexia may be Genetic

A new study done by experts at eating disorder treatment clinics shows that anorexia might be genetic.  The study, which is being labeled as the Genetics of Anorexia Nervosa collaboration, is taking place in multiple cities across north america and two in Europe.  The National Institutes of Health is doing the funding.

Research shows that if a family member has had anorexia, that the individual is almost 12 times more likely to develop the disease.   Just because it is your genetics however, your environment also plays a big role, says top eating disorder specialists.  Anorexia nervosa can occur when a certain number of factors are set in place.  These factors include your genetics, and the type of culture that you live in.

Most individuals who have anorexia nervosa develop a  strong disliking towards food which then leads to a very distorted body image.  Research shows that females between the ages of 11 – 15 are most likely to develop the the illness.  Scientists believe this to be the case because this is the period in their life when they gain a majority of their adult weight, nearly 40 pounds.

Many young women tend to be provoked into episodes of excessive exercise and dieting just by someone they know making a comment about ther weight gain.  This is why it’s such a critical time in their life to be happy with who they are.