Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified

What is EDNOS?

EDNOS, or “Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified”, is a type of disordered eating that does not necessarily fall into the specific category of anorexia, binge eating, or bulimia. Those with EDNOS do not fit the criteria for any one eating disorder, sometimes sharing characteristics of a few different eating disorders. Regardless of this group’s label, there are eating disorder treatment clinics available to them which seek their full recovery.

Diagnostic Criteria of EDNOS

The following are behaviors of those with EDNOS set up by the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders):

  1. The individual still has regular menses (periods), though all other qualifications for Anorexia Nervosa are met. Anorexia nervosa treatment centers are available for anyone seeking recovery from this disorder.
  2. A normal weight is still maintained, despite continuous weight loss due to food restriction.
  3. All other requirements for Bulimia Nervosa are met except binging occurs only once a week for 3 months or less. Bulimia help is avaiable for those in need of eating disorder treatment.
  4. Inappropriate compensatory behavior, such as purging, occurs after eating small amounts of food. A normal body weight is still maintained.
  5. Large amounts of food are frequently chewed and spit out, without swallowing.
  6. Binge eating occurs without the use of inappropriate compensatory behaviors such as purging.

Symptoms of EDNOS

Some general symptoms of those with EDNOS include:

  • Frequent starvation, although the individual may not be severely underweight
  • Dieting
  • Skipping social functions because of poor self-image, despite a normal body weight
  • Extreme exercising, although eating remains normal
  • Very small amounts of food are eaten throughout the day instead of meals

It is important to remember that EDNOS is a clinical definition. Those with EDNOS are not immune to suffering and often times need just as much help and assistance as someone with any other eating disorder. Eating disorder treatment centers for these uncommon eating disorders, as well as bulimia help centers and anorexia treatment facilities are available for those seeking treatment.