Fashion Industry Responsible for ED?

It’s no surprise that the fashion industry is almost always being blamed for the steadily increasing number of individuals being diagnosed and checking into an eating disorder treatment center.

Many believe that the too skinny models give people an unrealistic picture of what the ideal person should look like.  Because of this many individuals starve themselves to see the desired results.  As of late the industry has started to use more realistic models so that they can defend themselves, but many are saying that clothes simply look better on skinny models, and it’s only about what the clothes look like, not the person inside of them.

Recently supermodel Gisele Bundchen spoke out defending the fashion industry saying that the problem behind most eating disorder may lie within the individuals home and is not the fault of the fashion industry.

Gisele said “I never suffered this problem because I had a very strong family base.  The parents are responsible, not fashion”.

Gisele also went on to say that just because most models are skinny, they aren’t always anorexic.