Top Ten Steps In Preventing Childhood Eating Disorders

10 Helpful Ways to Develop Better Self-Esteem in a Child

Eating disorders among young children are becoming more and more common. In fact, numerous California eating disorder centers and other eating disorder residential programs across the country offer specialized treatment. Although various factors such as genetics, friends, and society play important roles in the development or prevention of these disorders, the family of a child has perhaps the greatest impact during the first several years of life. Because of this, it is important to promote healthy self esteem and self image which will ultimately guard against eating disorders.

For most children with an eating disorder, eating disorder treatment is recommended. Anorexia treatment facilities, bulimia clinics and binge eating centers offer and promote recovery in those with eating disorders. The following steps are just a few simple ways you can begin to promote healthy self image in the life of your child.

  1. Communicate with your child. Listen when your child wants to sit down and talk.
  2. Don’t criticize your child’s weight.
  3. Offer your child healthy food choices. Don’t constantly harp on how “bad” food can be for you.
  4. Avoid frequently commenting on how beautiful someone is due to their weight.
  5. Limit media input. Avoid buying fashion magazines and try to keep the television watching to a minimum.
  6. Cook with your child. Experimenting with recipes can be fun!
  7. Compliment what they do rather than how they look.
  8. Demonstrate a healthy fitness plan. Show your kids you enjoy exercise.
  9. Avoid teasing your child about their appearance.
  10. Show your child that you care about them and love them.