Gastric Bypass Surgery: Can It Cure Binge Eating Disorder?

Signs of Binge Eating Disorder

Ten popular signs of binge eating disorder include:

  1. Frequent out-of-control eating
  2. Embarrassment when eating in front of others
  3. Anxiety
  4. Consumption of large meal portions
  5. Feelings of disgust after eating
  6. Depression
  7. Eating when hunger is not present
  8. Rapid eating
  9. Hoarding food
  10. Stress due to weight gain

Unlike those with the eating disorder bulimia, binge eaters do not purge the food they eat or practice fasting. Eating disorder treatment at an eating disorder residential center however, is available to those with all types of eating disorders. The three most popular eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder.

Those with binge eating disorder often have a poor body image and are unable to cope properly with overwhelming emotions. Compulsive overeating is used as a type of negative coping method and may lead to obesity.

What Causes Binge Eating Disorder?

Binge eating disorder may be caused by one or more of the following factors:

  • Depression – This condition is a very common factor among those with binge eating disorder. Depression may occur before binge eating or take place as a result of this behavior. Attending eating disorder treatment at an eating disorder residential center may help to reduce both the physical and psychological effects of the disorder.
  • Dieting – Although dieting may not directly cause most cases of binge eating disorder, it does tend to worsen the disorder. When a person begins a strict diet, especially after binge eating has taken place, the desire to eat will be high, leading to slip-ups and episodes of compulsive overeating.
  • Abuse – Physical, sexual, and verbal abuse all can have very negative effects on a person. Such overwhelming experiences in life can lead to poor ways of dealing with life’s problems and past emotions. Drug use (which can require drug treatment), alcohol consumed in excess, and eating disorders (in this case binge eating disorder) are all ways that abused people may deal with problems.
  • Boredom – Many people with binge eating disorder will compulsively overeat when they are bored and are in areas where food is readily accessible. A desire for comfort is another possible cause of binge eating.
  • Poor Coping Methods – In many cases, binge eating takes place when a person cannot properly deal with the stresses of life. When stress occurs (which may include things like marital problems or declining work and school performance) a person with binge eating disorder will over-eat as a way of pushing aside these problems.
  • Genetics – Certain chemicals in the brain can affect binge eating disorder. In addition, close relatives of those with an eating disorder are nearly 10 times as likely to develop an eating disorder of their own.

Will Gastric Bypass Surgery cure my Binge Eating Disorder?

If you or your loved one suffers from binge eating disorder, you may have considered having gastric bypass surgery. Obesity is common in those with binge eating disorder and gastric bypass surgery may seem like a logical solution to some to prevent over-eating.

Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure performed to shrink the size of a person’s stomach and make changes to the duodenum and small intestine in the body. The goal of this procedure is to ultimately reduce the amount of food that a person is physically able to consume.

A few dangers and consequences resulting from this procedure include:

  • Stretching of the stomach
  • Deterioration of stomach band used to block off areas of the stomach
  • Nausea
  • Spilling over of stomach contents into the abdomen
  • Lack of nutrients in the body

Bariatric gastric bypass surgery is a very serious form of surgery and poses many risks. While it may have a great deal of physical benefits for someone who is overweight or obese, it cannot “cure” the psychological aspects of binge eating disorder. The psychological desire to compulsively overeat can only be altered through proper binge eating disorder treatment at an eating disorder treatment center. Casa Palmera provides specialized treatments such as nutritional counseling, and interpersonal therapy to treat the underlying reasons for binge eating disorder.