Our Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program

Casa Palmera is a holistic-based residential cocaine addiction treatment facility. We offer a variety of unique programs that separates us from virtually all other behavioral health facilities in America.

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Safe & dignified detoxification program
  • Cause-based treatment
  • Integrative medicine
  • Compassionate and skilled medical staff
  • Holistic mind and body program
  • Individualized approach to treatment
  • Insurance accepted*

Do you or someone you care about struggle with cocaine addiction? Casa Palmera understands the seriousness of this disease and we are here to help. By incorporating our four core elements, medical/psychotherapy, lifestyle, complementary medicine and environmental, we believe we can help restore your overall health and spiritual well-being.

Our residential treatment facility is renowned for its innovative cocaine abuse treatment programs. Using a combination of cognitive behavioral groups, individual psychotherapy and holistic adjunctive treatment techniques, we fully address all the intricate problems that inhibit your ability to fully enjoy life. Treatment at Casa Palmera is individualized for each patient. We begin your stay with a thorough evaluation by our team of health professionals. This team includes a Master’s level or higher, licensed cocaine dependency counselor, who will conduct a comprehensive analysis to develop your specific treatment goals.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

At first a user may only see positive effects of cocaine use: more energy, increased talkativeness and mentally alterness. If one becomes addicted to cocaine, or takes enough, devastating side effects set in, such as paranoia, tremors, respiratory arrest and vertigo. A large enough dose can cause cardiac arrest and even death. Some signs of heavy cocaine use are:

  • Decrease in appetite
  • Euphoria
  • Dilated pupils
  • Rise in temperature
  • Blood shot eyes and redness
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Constricting of blood vessels
  • Decreased interest in previously enjoyed activities and relationships
  • Need to consume more and more of the drug to experience the same “feeling”
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Our Healing Environment

  • Secluded & tranquil campus
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Fitness center and yoga on premises
  • 24/7 security

Patient Success

“Casa saves lives. The place is magic. I am a miracle. I am so blown away by my journey.”
– S.P.