COVID Clean Commitment

COVID Clean Commitment Update – Summer 2022


We’ve seen airlines and other mass transit change their requirements for masks but at Discovery we are committed to maintaining our original mask policies. Keeping patients and staff safe is our number one priority.


COVID Clean Commitment Update – Spring 2022


This year, CDC released new COVID-19 Community Levels recommendations but these recommendations do not apply to healthcare settings.  As a healthcare provider, we continue to review community transmission rates and continue to follow CDC’s infection prevention and control recommendations for healthcare settings.




COVID Clean Commitment Update – Fall 2021

With increased state mandates about COVID vaccines for healthcare workers, we are ensuring that all facilities nationwide are in compliance with respective state mandates and with our own rigorous standards of safety and protection for staff and patients.   We will provide on-site testing for employees in states that require weekly testing.  For those states that do not have mandates, we will still uphold our CDC-informed policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of our clients and patient.  This includes regular facility cleaning and sanitizing,  handwashing, personal protective equipment, and masks.  We continue to educate employees on best practices and answer questions and concerns related to compliance with state mandates.