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Lemon Grove Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterAbout Lemon Grove

Nestled in San Diego County is a giant lemon, roughly 10 feet long and 6 feet wide, and weighing about 3,000 pounds. Referred to as the world’s biggest lemon, it’s also the signature of Lemon Grove, a town of almost 27,000 people. The lemon is a symbol of the city’s past and present: It was created in 1928 as a float in the Fourth of July Fiesta de San Diego parade. The lemon was later plastered over to preserve it, and it’s now displayed as a sculpture welcoming everyone at the Lemon Grove Depot on the bustling San Diego Trolley line.

Lemon Grove’s name is also a callback to its past, when it was home to thriving citrus groves. But even before the oranges and lemons came, there were sheep—the first settlers of the area were sheep farmers who arrived in the late 1860s to land that was originally a part of the Spanish Mission San Diego de Alcalá. As the years went on, the sheep and the citrus groves eventually disappeared and were replaced by all the features of a San Diego suburb.

The almost 4-square-mile town officially became a city in 1977 and has continued to grow since then. Lemon Grove has several shopping centers and pretty parks, a library branch, two trolley stations (in addition to the Lemon Grove Depot, there is another stop on Massachusetts Avenue), houses of worship and many restaurants, shops and service providers.

The people who live in Lemon Grove—their average age is 36, and there are slightly more women than men—enjoy what civic leaders proclaim is the “best climate on earth,” with summer temperatures ranging from the 70s to 90s and cool, not cold, winters.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Lemon Grove Residents

For Lemon Grove residents, Casa Palmera is an ideal option for addiction treatment. Entering a recovery program requires intense energy, commitment and focus, and being in a residential program away from the distractions of home can allow people to truly commit to their sobriety. Located in Del Mar, Casa Palmera is close enough to get to easily from Lemon Grove, but far enough away that clients will have the privacy they need.  

Casa Palmera is also an ideal solution for drug and alcohol treatment because we offer a range of programs that offer each client personalized attention. Our safe and secure residential facility is staffed by highly experienced staff members who can help clients build a strong foundation for sobriety. Once the residential program is completed, there are outpatient options that continue to support clients as they transition back to their daily routine and adapt to their new sober lifestyle.

If you live in Lemon Grove and have been seeking an effective drug and alcohol treatment program, we are ready to assist you in taking that first crucial step towards sobriety. Contact Casa Palmera today.