Meridian Flexibility Therapy Program

What is Meridian Flexibility Therapy?

Meridian stretching is a preventative and therapeutic tool utilized in pain assessment and management that correlates specific muscle groups with specific organs, energy meridians and psychological qualities. By preventing future trauma and alleviating present discomfort, this form of stretching is highly effective in pain assessment and management.

This holistic philosophy combines Eastern wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine and India’s Hatha Yoga with Western science’s Kinesiology and Psychology to create a profound integrative healing system. The practice utilizes resistance stretching and yoga poses to activate certain muscle groups. This resistance training is initially assisted but eventually becomes self-directed. The benefits in pain assessment and management are created by the awareness of the person’s breath, body, and psychological states that address specific physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects.

Using eccentric contraction, Meridian Stretching is able to induce rapid and cumulative changes in muscle length. Increasing your flexibility helps extend your range of movements and can decrease your chances of injury. It also aids with pain assessment and management after an injury has occurred.

By systematically changing muscle lengths, it is possible to return the body back to proper structural alignment so that it moves as it was designed to. Meridian stretching can create tremendous changes in bone rotation, structural alignment, and thus posture. When used for pain assessment and management, the stretching allows the therapist to find imbalances in various muscle systems. These imbalances and abnormal tension in specific muscles can then be correlated with organ/meridian/psychological function to improve, restore, and balance all aspects of one-self. Numerous people can benefit from this therapy program, whether their pain is physical or emotional. Those in drug and alchol rehab centers, eating disorder treatment or trauma therapy all benefit from meridian flexibility therapy.

Practice of Meridian Flexibility Therapy

Meridian flexibility therapy stretches 16 different muscle groups through various stretching techniques. This type of therapy is based on the body’s meridian lines. The stretching that takes place in meridian flexibility therapy is believed to provide benefits in both the physical and psychological aspects of life. Due to the vast benefits provided by this stretching, people in need of bulimia help, treatment for alcoholism or anorexia treatment will all find a sense of relief through this therapy program.

Resistance flexibility is a part of meridian flexibility therapy. This process balances movement in the body and increases strength. This program incorporates strength training, stretching and elongation and contraction of the muscles.

This type of flexibility training can be performed alone or in a group. When performed alone, a person will use resistance from different objects or use resistance against their own body. When performed in a group situation, the other person assisting will help in providing resistance to various muscle groups.

Who Can Benefit From Meridian Flexibility Therapy?

The practice of meridian stretching benefits many different group of people. These people include:

  • Athletes
  • Someone wanting to improve their posture
  • Younger groups of people
  • Someone desiring to increase their health
  • Elderly
  • Those who desire to learn stretching techniques
  • Someone with chronic or acute pain
  • Anyone with stress or anxious thoughts

Benefits of Meridian Flexibility Therapy

Benefits include:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Development of the spiritual aspects of one’s self
  • Ease in everyday physical activities
  • Assistance in injury recovery
  • Pain from stretching reduced
  • Relief of stress and anxiety
  • Better posture
  • Decreased risk of further injury
  • Increased organ health
  • Benefits in anyone struggling with emotional dilemmas

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