Neurocenter at Casa Palmera

Treating Persistent Depression in a Modern, Holistic Way

Dealing with persistent depression can leave you in a fog and when you have tried multiple methods to get out of it, but nothing works, it can feel extremely disheartening. But there is a way to finally get the clarity that you’ve been longing for. Through modern technology and our holistic approach to treatment, the clouds of depression can finally lift once and for all.


Modern Healing for Persistent Depression

For many people, treating their depression with prescribed antidepressants doesn’t always help. That’s where transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment may be the alternative you’ve been looking for and you can find it as part of the Neurocenter at Casa Palmera. Here are some things to understand about TMS:

  • It’s a non-drug, non-invasive procedure.
  • It’s a treatment that sends magnetic pulses to areas of the brain that are not as active as they should be in people with persistent depression.
  • It is FDA-cleared.
  • It has been performed on 2.5 million people, with the majority saying it brought them the relief they needed.
  • It’s covered by most insurance plans.



Holistic Healing for Persistent Depression

When you get help from the Neurocenter at Casa Palmera, you are not just receiving one type of procedure or treatment—you experience well-rounded care that supports brain health, which is key to your wellbeing. Whether you come in just for depression outpatient treatment or are a current Casa Palmera patient with a co-occurring disorder, this is what the well-rounded Neurocenter program looks like:

  • Scheduled TMS treatments utilizing NeuroStar® therapy
  • Individual psychotherapy
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Group therapy & life skills support
    • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills group
    • Steps to Recovery group (based on Emotions Anonymous core concepts)
    • Peer discussions
    • Food + mood education
    • And much more

The program is overseen and led by the director of clinical neuroscience and therapy services, Kellie Delli Colli, PhD. Her nearly 20 years of work in the field combines her knowledge and experience with eastern and western psychology, which help curate the modern and holistic approach of the Neurocenter.


Why Choose Casa Palmera to Treat Persistent Depression

We have a rich history of integrating and embracing the fundamentals of recovery, philosophy and psychology, which includes helping those struggling with ongoing depression. Our approach incorporates four elements to support patients:

  • Clinical: We use the latest integrative medical approaches in combination with evidence-based psychotherapeutic modalities.
  • Lifestyle: With an emphasis on fitness, balanced nutrition, stress management and spiritual reflection, we teach patients how to live a healthy and rewarding life.
  • Mind-Body Support: Patients can participate in what interests them most, including mindfulness and physical activities.
  • Environmental: We are situated in a safe, luxurious environment in a warm, coastal community.


Heal Depression at Casa Palmera

If you have hit a roadblock treating your ongoing depression, it’s time to explore your options at Casa Palmera. From the transformative therapy of TMS to our holistic treatment approach, you have an entire treatment program that gives you the best chance at beating depression. Take the steps to finally heal through the Neurocenter at Casa Palmera. Fill out our form or call (888) 625-1963 today.

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