Nicknames, Street Names and Slang for Methamphetamine


It’s hard to imagine your child would ever try methamphetamines (meth) or other drugs, but don’t be fooled. Statistics show that half of teens have tried some sort of illicit drug by the time they finish high school, and over 12 million adolescents have tried methamphetamines at least once.

The more you know about what your child does and who they hang out with, the more likely you’ll be able to spot when they’re messing with the wrong stuff and could be suffering from a drug addiction. They may even be talking about using drugs right in front of you. Do you know all the common slang terms for meth or partying? To help you gain insight into your child’s relationship with meth, we’ve compiled a list of common street names and nicknames for meth and partying.

Nicknames and Street Names for Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine can appear as a crystalline powder or in rock-like chunks (known as “ice’) that vary in color between white, yellow, brown or pink. Depending on how it’s used (snorted, taken orally, injected or smoked), meth can go by the following nicknames/street names/slang:

* Crank
* Crystal, Crystal Glass, Crystal Meth
* Christina, Tina, Cris, Cristy
* Chalk, Chalk Dust
* Meth
* Ice
* Speed
* Geep, Getter, Getgo, Go Fast
* G
* Trash, Garbage, Wash
* White Cross, White Crunch
* Hanyak
* Hironpon, Hiropon
* Hot Ice, Super Ice
* Batu
* Kaksonjae
* LA Glass
* LA Ice
* Ice Cream
* Quartz
* Chunky Love
* Cookies
* Cotton Candy
* Dunk
* Gak
* Go-Go Juice
* Junk
* No Doze
* Pookie
* Rocket Fuel
* Scooby Snax

Nicknames and Street Names for Meth-Laced Drugs

Sometimes meth is combined with other drugs to obtain a certain high. Be aware of the following slang terms for these types of “mixed” drugs:

* Biker Coffee:

Coffee laced with meth

* Croak, Shabu:

Cocaine and meth

* Hugs & Kisses, P & P, Party & Play:

Ecstasy and meth

* Twisters, Fire, Mexican Speed Balls:

Crack and meth

Slang Terms for Meth Use and Abuse

Is your child talking about using meth right in front of you? Is now the right time to think about a drug treatment center? Here are some common slang terms for using meth or describing someone who does:

* Get Geared Up
* Go Fast
* Crankster Gangster
* Chicken Flippin’
* Hot Rolling
* Hot Railing
* Lithium Scabs
* Fried
* Foiled
* Meth Monster
* Tweaker, Meth Head, Speed Freak
* Tweaked, Twacked
* All Tweakened Long
* Wooop Chicken
* Zoomin
* Getting Glassed
* Box Labs
* Scattered
* Spun, Spun Out

How to Talk to Your Teen about Drugs and Partying

According to, only 10 percent of the estimated 1.4 million teens with substance abuse problems receive treatment. Don’t let your child be another sad statistic. If you think your teen is using drugs or drinking, take action. The sooner you address the problem, the less likely that their experimentation will lead to abuse and addiction. Immediately begin to more closely monitor your teen’s activities and set up reasonable rules and consequences that are enforceable. The most important thing you can do as a parent is not deny that a drug or alcohol problem exists. If the problem is beyond your ability to handle, ask for help. There are many drug and alcohol treatment programs that are tailored to teens.

Teen Meth Treatment at Casa Palmera

At Casa Palmera substance abuse treatment center, we understand the unique issues teens face, and we know that meth and other substance use is usually a symptom of something deeper. Our highly skilled staff is trained at uncovering the underlying issues that lead teens to use drugs or alcohol and will help them work through their problems in a more productive way.

Don’t let your child ruin his or her life with meth, alcohol or other drugs. Call Casa Palmera recovery center today and put your teen in the hands of trained, highly skilled professionals who will bring your child back to a healthy, happy life.


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44 Responses to “Nicknames, Street Names and Slang for Methamphetamine”

  1. Det. Gilbert

    i liked the names but there are new names for ice now. something called a teener or how about your teenager. something called a duck? they still use baseball or a babysitter.

  2. Amber

    A common nickname nowadays is “G”.
    “Hey Rick, do you think we could find some G for this weekend?”

  3. Crystina

    Actually no one calls it “G” anymore just so your aware. Most people use “Gak” sometimes “Jib” but “Pooked” is being used lately. Ex. “dude you look Pooked out” please learn your fact before you try to tell people.

  4. Kye

    My boyfriend says to his friend poochipoo or other things is like weird voices and I know it means he is ganna go get spun also if your worried about people you know or your own kids doing it watch for hand signs they make or signals because they also to that they rub there thumb and pointer finger tort her that means they are going to do it or want to. I hope this helped..

  5. reason seen

    Crystina – Maybe you dont call it that doesnt mean that others still dont. look at the amount of nick names for it, they could be calling it anything. thanks for the advice Amber

  6. ExTweaker

    My friends and i used to mainly call it go go juice, or just simply gogo. Ive never heard or seen the “rub the finger” thing tho…

  7. LoL

    Lol they will keep making new nicknames forever as long as its taboo, doesn’t matter if you are hiding it from the cops or from family and friends.

  8. Poetry

    I’ve heard it referred to as :
    D ; Scotty; Spear; Beam; “the sh*t”; Madaline, Randy. Just a few.

  9. Poetry

    If someone is rubing their thumb and pointer finger that is a reference to smoking. Also nose candy as a nick name or flicking at ones nose is a sign used, as well as the index or fingers to the arm in reference to injection

  10. juliette w

    Its also called white girl. but people get confused with coke and meth as white girl

  11. nick

    In new orleans dog food is what they call heroin

  12. Benji H

    In India, medically, meth is used as a prescription drug. Some common names are Brown Bag, Anal Fire, Icy Hot, and Snow.

  13. Hiesenberg

    You can call it whatever you want, but if it’s blue you know who made it.

  14. Twacked Out

    Many people use the term ” Rocking the bowl ” or ” Bing time ” But I hear, “getting twacked out. ” or ” somebody is tweaking. ” In addition you hear the term, ” Eyes looking like quarters “

  15. joe

    G stands for Ghb … not meth. You should fix that, no one calls it that, if you did hear it, they were most likely referring to ghb because people use that on the comedown after using meth so you can fall asleep

  16. Linda G

    My granddaughter recently posted something like, “going on 12”, on her facebook profile page.

  17. joe b

    What does “looking for A 5 of a square pack”? I think thats what the text said.

  18. karlee

    Just so you are aware a teener is an amont(half) and g is one of the most used terms spun out for when on it “are you spun out dude?” “Spun” for the spins you get when using meth.

  19. Laura

    GEE stands for GHB. And I have heard people refer to G as meth. It is sad the things you learn when you have someone who is addicted to drugs and Meth being one of them. He had such bad trips coming down from the sh*t that he is no longer allowed In my house.

  20. Dundhotta aka DBoy

    Its not a teenager its a teener, which is 1.75 or half an 8 ball/GameOfPool/WholeGame, originally called an 8 ball because (8, 8Balls) Make an oz/zip or (ounce of meth/28 Grams) in my hometown it was dope/shit/gogo/TheMoon/Nascar etc. Lot of times the oldies called it coffee but most of the time crank, or (bathtub crank, bathtub dope) other versions were (anheidreous/ Spelling check?) (R&B, Red and Black) Either, Red Phospherous etc.

  21. Dundhotta aka DBoy

    Fact of the matter is there will always be new names

  22. Shabz

    We call it Shabz in Australia, I’m not sure if someone all ready wrote it on this page i didn’t look.

  23. Peter

    Side , gak meth, dope, Tina , jib, ice, speed, dope, crank, go go juice, are fairly common names. They change all the time with the younger users , These are most common I find

  24. Quasia

    I am learning about this in class for a project and I’m drug free so for me to image this kind of abuse people are doing to their body it’s crazy me and my best friend are looking at this stuff just shaking our hands we are shocked at the results that we are finding our advice is to stop while you got a chance because this drug is very very very dangerous ✊✊✊✊ say no to drugs it’s not worth it

  25. Alaina

    Half of those slang words are actually used for speed. The most common word for ice is shards. Because for one thats what it looks like. Speed & ice arnt the same people!!! Speed is cooked, ice is the crystals that form around the edge. Its 100 times more potent then speed & it has no smell or a taste like speed does. Its been around for decades I don’t understand why its only starting to hit the streets now…

  26. Tim

    It is most often referred to as side these days, at least where I’m from. People act very strange if you use “the wrong word.” People who will refer to blow, acid, mdma without batting an eye will act disgusted if you refer to meth, because they are disgusted with themselves, so they come up with all these ways to deny reality, like changing the name of the drug. They do not even think of it as “meth” any more than I think of my adderall prescription as meth.

  27. mojo

    We found out my step sister was using meth. She was calling it pint and to refer to someone who used meth they called them pinners

  28. Destiny

    How long are the average, shortest, and longest withdrawls from meth?

  29. Casa Palmera Staff

    It’s hard to say due to the fact that no two people are the same and many factors affect the outcome. You can gather information on the internet to learn more about the process. However, it would be best to find a professional in the area that can better assess the individual’s situation.

  30. Ccc's Mama

    A common term is also cream.. I noticed was not on the list…ijs

  31. Abby

    Your term “no doze” is actually nodoz and they’re caffeine pills

  32. Snow White

    Snow is a big one and you got any cake? Vanilla cake, cake mix. For ice ive even heard icicles.