Our Staff - Marketing & Community Outreach

Tucker Stine

Alumni Outreach Coordinator

Tucker Stine brings over 20+ years of professional business experience to Casa Palmera having worked in both small and large companies as well as diving into the entrepreneurial world by starting his own consulting business. Tucker has learned the ropes of many industries spanning healthcare, health and wellness, community development, travel and tourism, real estate and many more. His disciplines include sales and marketing, social programming, alumni outreach, organizational psychology, social media, public relations and strategic communications. All of which share a common denominator – working with, sharing, listening and building relationships with people and communities in dynamically changing environments.

Tucker also shares a special connection with Casa Palmera as he too is a graduate of the program.  He is an active member in the recovery community and works with many individuals to build new connections with friends and family, professional organizations and community outreach programs designed for long-term, healthy living.  Tucker will manage the growing alumni program for Casa Palmera as we continue to nurture the value in developing a strong, connected community outside of our treatment center.