Percocet Overview: Addiction Signs, Withdrawal and Treatment

Prescription painkiller addiction is a growing problem in the United States, and Percocet is one of the most widely abused prescription meds. Not everyone who takes Percocet will become addicted — in fact, many don’t — but misuse or long-term use can lead to a physical dependence that can quickly turn into addiction.

What is Percocet?

Percocet is one of the most widely prescribed painkillers and is used to relive moderate to severe pain. Percocet comes in pill form, but some abusers may chew it or crush it into a fine powder for a quicker high. Doing so can result in a dangerous or fatal overdose.

Percocet Addiction Symptoms

If used as prescribed, Percocet is a very effective painkiller that is not addictive; but if abused, physical and mental dependence and addiction can occur. Common Percocet addiction symptoms are:

* High tolerance: Needing to take more and more in order to get the same or desired effect.
* Dependence:  Feeling physical withdrawal symptoms if a dose is missed.
* Mood and behavior changes: Becoming hostile, volatile, agitated or anxious, especially between “fixes.”
* Compulsive use: Craving the drug and doing whatever it takes to get it, even despite adverse social, psychological or physical consequences.
* Financial problems associated with having to purchase more and more pills.
* Secretive or deceitful behavior in order to obtain the drug. Having multiple prescriptions from more than one doctor or buying it off the street is a good indication that an addiction has started.

Percocet Withdrawal Symptoms

Like most opiate addictions, suddenly discontinuing use of Percocet can result in seizure or convulsion in chronic abusers. Percocet withdrawal symptoms will usually occur within six to eight hours after the last dose and include:

* Fever
* Flu-like symptoms
* Anxiety
* Severe stomach ache
* Muscle pain
* Insomnia
* Nausea and/or vomiting
* Runny nose and eyes
* Sweating

Percocet Overdose Facts

Signs of Percocet overdose are:

* Extreme sleepiness/drowsiness
* Low blood pressure
* Slowed heartbeat/weak pulse
* Difficulty breathing
* Bluish skin or fingernails
* Yellowish skin or eyes
* Sweating
* Vomiting
* Heart attack
* Coma

Percocet Detox

Physical dependency on Percocet can result in severe withdrawal symptoms, and often requires gradual detox from the drug to avoid seizures and convulsions. Percocet detox may require medication such as methadone, Buprenorphine and Chlondine to help alleviate severe withdrawal symptoms. Once the body has completely detoxified itself from all the harmful toxins the Percocet abuse left behind, then the second step of Percocet detox can begin: treating the mental addiction to Percocet. Even if the addict wants to quite using Percocet, their “addict” mind will tell them they need more Percocet in order to function and feel normal. Undergoing addiction treatment at a Percocet rehab will provide the safe, supportive environment the addict needs in order to overcome their Percocet addiction.

Percocet Rehab

Percocet is a very effective way to manage pain, but if you feel like you’ve developed a dependence on or addiction to Percocet it’s imperative to seek medical treatment right away. The sooner you get help, the easier it will be to stop taking Percocet. If you’re still suffering from chronic pain, a doctor can help you find an alternative way to manage your pain.

Recovery from Percocet addiction is a two-step process; the physical and mental symptoms of addiction can all be treated at a Percocet rehab facility. After detoxifying the body, a professional Percocet rehab will then begin the process of individual and group counseling to treat the mental addiction and learn the skills to live a drug-free life.


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38 Responses to “Percocet Overview: Addiction Signs, Withdrawal and Treatment”

  1. chanell

    How to stop taking without treatment.I have no medical.I suffer from nerve damage in my back that cause sever pain in my hip.I dont want to take percocet anymore because it stop helping my pain.Ive been on it for 2yrs.

  2. Christa

    Hi Chanell, I have weaned myself off Percocet many times. It’s hard, both physically & mentally, but it can be done. Please do yourself a favor & try. The best way to do it is to taper off it slowly. For instance, if you’re currently taking 2 pills per day, start taking 1 & 1/2 for a few days. Then taper down to one per day for a few days, then 3/4 of a pill for a few days, etc., until you’re down to nothing. It sucks, but once you’re completely off it for a couple of days, you’re going to feel great. You’ll feel better physically & you’ll feel great mentally knowing what you accomplished. Good can do it!

  3. bobby

    stay hydrated because what you eat coming back out soup broth is the best thing

  4. Tony

    There’s no easy way to just stop taking perks without treatment. I used to be hook on these demons for 3years until I found out about suboxone. It’s been a life saver for me.

  5. Klaus

    I do not have any of the listed symptoms of addiction, albeit I have cravings. I have been in fairly severe pain for over a year and a half. When I do not take percocet, sometimes the pain is overwhelming. As soon as I take it, the pain is gone within twenty minutes. M y chief concern is that I need to take 4 tables in order to get relief.

  6. Kevin H.

    I have been on percocet or hydrocodine for 17 years for relief of chronic back pain due to 2 buldged discs. I recently had laser spine surgery for the worst one and will go back in 6 weeks for the 2nd. I have no doubt but that for this long a time I probably am addicted. I have a lot of the withdrawal symptons. 75%of my pain is gone now and I think I should start cutting down on my dosage. I currently take 6 to 7 pills a day. Would you recommend reducing now or after the next surgery??

  7. sheila

    Hi i have been on painkillers for 5years i was taking about 20 to 25 a day but now im down to about 10 a day i have tryed to stop 5 or 6 times but i have 3 babys all under 3 years old and i get so sick and RLS ( restless lag singrem) i want to stop i really want my life back can someone plz tell me what i should do im still young im only 19 plz help me

  8. Len

    My daughter is addicted to this drug, she claims she has been in rehab for 9 months now and it is a 13 month program. She is relocated accross country to live with me. She claims she needs the meetings as well as the drug they are given her to maintain her rehab. I relise there are doctors here in Florida to perscrib,her I think itis called Boaxan or something simular to this name. But there are no meetings available in my area for her to attend. Any ideas?

  9. Bruce O.

    My name is bruce I once was taking 10 to 20 5mg percocets a day for several years.I quit cold turkey and I must say it was not an easy road.the with drawls were very very bad but after a few weeks of not taking them my life took a 180 degree turn.everything I touched was a blessing and the fact I found jesus christ in this please you can do it..

  10. Kelly Borden

    For help and more information please contact us at 866-768-6719.

  11. juie

    when you go off percs, the pain is immense. that is because since you began taking percs, tyour body has stopped making its own natural pain killing endorphines. your ‘dry’ and there is no perc ot no endorphines in your system to help. when going off percs, try to have a partner or friends on call to massage you. alot of massage will help to releive the physical pain of going off and get you thru while your body begins again to make endorphines. bathes with detox salts, swimming as low impact circulation will help, being massaged, and also drinking a broth of a gallon of bottled water, with two potatos, carrots, and any other veg [simmered for an hour or so stove top] will help. the potato when simmered this long creates a broth that balances electorlytes in the body. doing these things will help in the days after stopping percocets. you can do it. and you will feel alot better on the other side.

  12. Daniel H.

    I am 59 years old and have a serious physical dependency on perks. I started out 2 years ago with one 7.5/325 and it lasted for several hours. Then I was taking two. I then increased to 10/325 and finally got to where I was taking two at a time 4 times a day. I never even had an idea that I had become dependent on them. It all happened so gradually and now I am trying to get off them and it is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. I am down to three a day but my restless legs are driving me absolutely out of my mind. I just don’t know what to do. I cannot sleep with my legs driving me crazy. I have heard of a medication called suboxine but I do not know where to get it or who to see about it. I live in Ogden Utah.

    I also get the chills and sweats but since I am down to 3 pills a day, the sweats are gone for the most part. My legs are the BIG PROBLEM! I cannot believe this has hooked me so badly. I just hope and pray I can get off them completely. I am not having fun with this.

    Can anyone tell me how and where I can find suboxine treatment in my area. Thank you for any help you might send my way.

  13. jeff

    suboxne is just another crutch. I know many people that cant stop taking it once they start and it’s expensive. My personal experience is to weene down for a few weeks then hang on for a rough ride. It’s not that hard but you have to commit. Ive done this 5 different times and finally decided enough is enough. Ive been clean for 7 years now. Good luck to all, you can do it.

  14. Jeff n

    I have taken perc for 2the years for dietbetic nerve paiin i run out 2of days before my next refill so iam miserable

  15. janice

    please please help me ….i won’t even tell my bestest friend how many i take a day …i am always poor …i have 3 children under t

  16. Toshia

    Wow. I’ve been taking 2 percocets per day for exactly 2weeks. I stopped taking them when I felt i didnt need them to control pain from my back surgery. For the past 2 nights I’ve been unable to sleep a wink and my legs are twitching, I feel like I need to stretch every few minutes and I have this weird tick. I cannot not imagine the hell people who have been on them for a long time go through. May God bless you all.

  17. Casa Palmera

    Janice – Please discuss this with your doctor or contact Casa Palmera for help at 866-768-6719.

  18. brenda

    my 19 year old daughter had her tonsils out 4 days ago. the doctor put her on percocets for the pain. She takes one every 4 hours and has to do this for 2 weeks. My concern is can she become addicted to it. I want her to start reducing the dosage and then stop taking it in the next few days and take tylenol instead but she says the pain is so severe she needs it. She did well yesterday and only took them every 6 or 7 hours but today she was in more pain and took one then 3 hours later took a half of one and 2 hours later took the other half. By the end of the two weeks will she be addicted to them?

  19. Chuck

    Ive been taking Percocet for a little over 2 years now. I had a major shoulder surgery and it started with 1-2 a day. I’m currently at 4-5 per day. I’ve tried to ween back down but the withdrawal between doses is so bad. The most I’ve been clean in 2 years is 3 days because the pharmacy was out of stock. I was miserable and wanted to die. I figured 3 days off I’d be fine but no. When i finally filled my script, I ate 3 off the bat and felt like a million bucks. These pills need to be outlawed and discontinued from being made! they do nothing but create addicts. I’ve decided to try and ween off and not fill my next 90 I’ll get in 2 weeks. Wish me luck

  20. Dan

    Sorry to hear of your problem, however, your opinion that they should be outlawed and discontinued is ridiculous. As you said yourself “When i finally filled my script, I ate 3 off the bat and felt like a million bucks.”. Seems like YOU cant control yourself as you are not suppose to take more than 4 a day. So other people that can use the prescribed drug to manage their pain responsibly should suffer due to your lack of self control. Yet, you have another script for 90 more. Get help and speak to your doctor about your addiction to safely ween yourself off them, or perhaps if u really feel that they should be outlawed, shred the script then you wont need luck! I myself use them for diabetic neuropathy in my feet, just so you know I am not just some person out there that doesn’t understand the drug.

  21. joe

    I started taking percocets 2 yrs ago cause I was having severe abdominal pain thru out time the docs found out I had kidney cancer I had surgery to get rid of it then waited till I was physcally better. I quit doing percs 2 months ago and it has been the hardest thing in my life to do. I have been using suboxen to help ween me off… how I do it is wait until I’m in full withdrawal then take 8th of the sub(just enough to stop the sickness) one sub lasts me over a week… in my opinion percosets are the devil in disquise and should be way more tightly monitored

  22. Theary

    Hi. I’ve been taking Percocet for over a year now. I was prescribe percocet when I was diagnose with high risk stage 3 lymphoma cancer. I’ve been cancer free since December but I’m still taking the pills. It’s so hard to stop. I hate the feeling from the withdrawal. I have a son that’s turning 2. I want to stop but I can’t function without it. I have my kids to take care of. In need of help.

  23. Casa Palmera

    Thank you for your question however, not knowing your daughter’s full medical history, it would be unethical to respond. Please consult your treating physician to discuss your concerns.

  24. Casa Palmera

    For help and more information on our services and programs please call 1-866-768-6719.

  25. Rob

    I have been on Percocet for about 10 months now I have managed to get myself off of these pills. I was on 10/325 2x daily…..I was taking more than that. But all you have to do, and it WILL be VERY difficult, is every day reduce your dose by 1 pill. Then when your down to your prescribed amount, cut the pills in half and take that instead of a whole one each dose. Then cut them in 3rd’s, then 1/4’s and then just stop taking them. You will feel like carp but it’s worth it. I haven’t been sober for very long, 3 days, but at least it’s something. I don’t have restless legs anymore and I’m in a MUCH better mood.

    For me, the restless legs stopped after 48 hrs of sobriety. My pupils also went back to normal after 48 hrs. Support IS the best thing for this detox. For any detox for that matter. Luckily I had my love of my life to lean on. She is very supportive and I am doing it for her. I have learned to live with complex regional pain syndrome pain and find minor relief in alternative, non-narcodic medicine. My advice is, if you are weak minded, unsupported, or lack motivation your not going to overcome your addiction. If you do have a strong mind, support of a loved one, friend, or even a group. You will be just fine. Good luck to everyone. Whether you are a person just looking this up or in these comments. God bless

  26. Katharina

    I stopped taking percocets 6 daus ago cause I ran oit of them. I took 10/325 and I took 14 to 16 a day. My backpain was killing me and had to quit a temp job. Then I got sick. Thought it was a stomach flu, but now I know ot wasn’t. I had massive diarrhea and fever….hot and cold…thought I have the flu. Today os day 6 and I am still in bed. Muscles jumping all over the place and I feel weak and totally besides myself. This is it. No more of those hellish pills. I wonder how long it takes to feel this weak. Once thing for sure, I dont want a refill anymore next week at my docs appointment. I was on percocet and roxicet since nov 2011. How long will this weak feeling last?

  27. Lorraine

    I have stopped taking 10/325 percs. 3 days now and i am so sick I ran out and have no way to get any thing. The legs are so sore and I have no energy been taken 7/8 a day for few years. Please write back

  28. Angela

    Hi. My story and situation seems to be different from everyone else’s that I have read, and I read everyones! I am desperate for help! I do not even have ANY kind of pain and I take my HUSBANDS Percocet. I have been taking them now for 4 years. My husband knows that I take them. He introduced them to me 4 years ago, and now he is terribly regretting it….we BOTH are. We both take his prescription of Percocet that he gets filled right on time every month, but we take so much of it that he/we run out within the first two weeks. Notice how I said he/we? They are not even my prescription! In fact, I take more Percocet than my husband does. Every month for 4 years we go for two weeks without having any. We both sweat ALOT, feel like we have the flu, have severe body aches, etc….and we always say that is IT…were not doing this anymore. But every single month we keep getting them and always take so much we run out….and go through all of this ALL OVER AGAIN! My husband and I both want to quit these things SO bad. They are taking over and ruining our lives! I don’t have insurance and can not afford to get help from a doctor, but a good support group would be nice. I wish everyone else out there the best of luck!

  29. hopeful

    THE BEST ROUTE FROM WHAT IVE SEEN IS CLONIDINE .1mg morning and night for 4 days and you will be free of physical dependence!!!! Upset stomach and nausea will stay and some depression ….if you have access to a benzo…xanex valume ect …it should help….but taking this route is thd cheapest most comfortable way with not getting u addicted to methadone or suboxen..both evil….note if you take to much clonidine hypertension is a risk its mainly a blood pressure med….everyones diffrent but 8… 0.1mg clonidine should get you through ….no doc or chance for scripts?? Sex helps alot ..massages…hot showers….potassium….vitamin c…..good pot…..nyquil-D behind counter….alot of water…staying POSITIVE AND ACTIVE… no doctor everyone is different but everything listed works for majority…..

    Pills- 3 to 5 days….usally starts 6 hours after last dose

    Methadone , suboxen a less aggressive withdraw pending on dose but lasts WAY LONGER….

    After physical withdraw is done …dont think u can take one 8 days later and be ok and stop….cause if your not serious dont even put your self into withdraw…..

  30. Charies

    while your out for them 2 weeks do your symptoms ever go away? or do u have the sweats muscle twitches the whole 2 weeks? I’ve tried to quit before and have ran out 3 days before could get my new script and the muscle twitches drove me crazy every 7 seconds felt like had to move my arms and legs or go bezerk. I’m gonna try the weening off them beginning today, I take 4 10s a day till now

  31. Alex

    I hope this will help you all. I have been on perc’s for almost 7 years now. I was in a very bad motorcycle accident and broke my shoulder, 6 ribs, collar bone and 3 vertabra.We all know the story, The pills work well for the pain BUT what we have to realize and admit is the real pain is gone now. We just love these little white pills for what they do for us.My family DR never wanted me on these pills, He told me how addictive they were but I always found ways of getting them. They enabled me to work harder and feel better “not so much a high” but I was able to function better.I knew that I was in trouble when I started buying them off the street.Well I’m here to tell you all that you can quit if you really want to. Here’s what I did, First I called all the people that I bought them off of and told them to stop selling them to me.This was a big deal, cutting my tighes from the source.Then cutting down the last week of supply from 10 a day to 8 to 6 to 4 and so on .Now I am 14 days clean and I feel like a million bucks. The first 4 days were the worst but I stress to you all that it gets better each day after that. Take one day at a time and tell yourself that it will get better, I am living proof and I am never letting those little pills take over my life again.You all Can do it .PLEASE BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Life is too damn short to waste it on this shit. Good luck to you all.JUST REALLY TRY HARDER. IT GETS EASYIER EACH DAY. I PROMISE YOU.

  32. Marie

    My name is Marie and Ive taken percoct for (its crazy because its been so Long, I had to do the math literally in my head) traes now and Ive come to the realization that they ruioned a huge part of my Life and I could soooo much further then where I am today… The withdraws arent the hardest to overcome for me, its the mental struggle… I refuse to continĂșe to be an addict of this drug…. Im done!

  33. Duran73

    I hope we all adapt & provell and beat this burden plaque! Most of all people” I HOPE WE FIND OUR FEELING OF WORTH & INNERPEICE AGAIN? WE WILL!!!!

  34. mary

    Thanks for all your storys it gives me hope im takin percocet for a back injury at work. I been detoxing for nine days i was down to a quarter piece every 24 hrs then quit still withdrawing havnt taken nothin in three days tomorrow. Be. Four tomorrow. Im doing it i didnt abuse them took them right they just addictive after a while take care god bless

  35. Marie

    I was wondering my doctor done surgery on my finger on 9/16/14 he wrote me for 90 Percocet 5 and every week he wrote me 90 every week till I went today am afraid of whithdrawls is it possible I will have them

  36. Casa Palmera Staff

    Marie – Every situation and person is different, so we urge you to consult your physician for questions related to your specific situation. Thanks!

  37. Diane

    I have been taking percocet two tablets per day to relieve excruciating pain in the bones from multiple myeloma pain. I want to stop taking this medication as I know it is very addicting. Pls. help me find a way to stop or decrease this highly addictive pain medication

  38. Casa Palmera Staff

    Please call our Admissions line so that we can talk to you about your concerns and better help you at 858-481-4411.