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My son or daughter is struggling…How do I help?

As a parent, it is often hard to know what to do if your son or daughter is struggling with an eating disorder, a past trauma, or dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Some parents feel guilty, some feel overwhelmed and others overreact. Whatever your feelings may be in regard to your own personal situation, perhaps the most important thing to do is support your child.

The staff at Casa Palmera encourages parents to share in the healing process with their children and offers a special family program to promote family participation.

What To Do You If You Feel Your Child
Has An Eating Disorder or Chemical Dependency

  • Sit down and talk with your child, don’t overreact
  • Find a treatment program that will best fit your child
  • Learn about your child’s specific addiction or disorder
  • Support and encourage your child throughout the recovery process
  • Set the example and create a positive atmosphere in the home

Casa Palmera is an excellent treatment facility for treating eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, and mood disorders. Our Family Program is one we are very proud of. We feel it plays an integral role in the recovery process. During three life-changing days, the family attends various educational sessions, as well as participates in expressive therapy classes. These classes will be specially tailored to each individual family.


Educational Sessions Include

  • Bio-Psycho-Social explanation of the patient’s disorder
  • Description of Casa Palmera’s treatment program for the patient’s specific disorders
  • Role of the family in the treatment of the disorder
  • Healthy communications
  • Healthy lifestyles

These educational sessions are very beneficial in helping parents better understand their child’s disorder or addiction. Plus, it helps the family to better understand ways they can be supportive and set strong examples for the family member in recovery.

Expressive Therapy Classes Include

  • Art Therapy
  • Spiritual Well Being
  • Ropes Challenge Course

For each of these classes, the family takes a journey, examining various relationships, promoting trust, and bringing purpose and understanding to the family system. During these expressive therapy classes, families are encouraged to work on their own specific issues, as well as to support one another in the healing process.

Casa Palmera recognizes that by improving support in the family, patients are better able to benefit from our program here, as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle when they return home.

Casa Palmera does not admit patients under the age of 18. If you are a parent of a child younger than 18 who is in need of help, please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to find the appropriate treatment facility.


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