Santee Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center


About Santee

Santee is one of those picture-perfect bedroom communities that make Southern California life seem so special. Located in San Diego County, Santee has a population of 57,052 (tallied in 2014) with a median income of $82,461, well above the state average. Residents enjoy a city that has a mix of businesses, plenty of outdoor space, and proximity to the beautiful beaches bordering the Pacific Ocean.

The city of Santee is fairly young, having incorporated in 1980. But the town has developed rapidly since then. There is a burgeoning community of microbreweries, which helps give San Diego County its reputation as a hotbed for craft beer. The picturesque Santee Trolley Square shopping center boasts many restaurants and stores, making it a popular destination for locals. (The center gets its name from the Metropolitan Transit System trolley, whose easternmost terminus is in Santee.) There are also many businesses that call Santee home—according to the Chamber of Commerce, there are 400 acres of industrial buildings, almost 300 acres of office complexes, and more than 4,000 acres of mixed-use development.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for plenty of outdoor space. Santee residents enjoy a variety of recreational pursuits in a town known for its topography. The San Diego River runs through Santee, and the city is near Cowles Mountain, which is the highest peak in the county. When they’re not hiking the mountain or nearby Mission Trails Regional Park, residents are getting out in the sunshine at one of the local city parks. Covering 55 acres, Town Center Community Park features 15 acres of sports fields as well as an aquatics center. Residents can hit the links at Carlton Oaks Golf Course, or try another form of the sport—disc golf—at Mast Park. There is a lot to discover and enjoy in the 16 square miles of Santee.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Santee Residents

Santee residents looking for a high-quality program for Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment can find what they need at Casa Palmera. Our residential facility is located in the coastal city of Del Mar, offering a wonderful respite for clients who want to address their addictions, and the issues underlying them. Casa Palmera offers seclusion and privacy, away from Santee residents’ everyday lives, but is still close enough in San Diego County that it is easy to get to without incurring major travel expenses.

While at Casa Palmera, clients get the tools they need for life in recovery. We have a number of programs available so every client is sure to find the treatment plan that works for them. Each program offers personalized and experienced care that focuses on each client and their individual needs.  We analyze each client’s values and circumstances so we can tailor treatment to give each person the greatest chance at success in sobriety. Our warm, supportive, and safe environment can give clients the foundation they need to grow strong and feel ready to take on life in recovery from addiction. If you are ready to commit to a new sober lifestyle, contact Casa Palmera today.