10 Truths About Alcohol

Important Facts about Alcohol

  1. Switching up the types of drinks you consume has no effect on how quickly you become intoxicated. Only the blood alcohol content (BAC) of beverages affects the rate at which intoxication takes place.
  2. Many people enjoy drinking alcohol because it reduces one’s inhibitions. While this may enable may people to “loosen up” in front of others, it can also cause people to engage in risky behavior such as driving while intoxicated and having unprotected sex.
  3. Alcohol use does not kill brain cells. Heavy consumption of alcohol can however cause poor memory, blackouts, lack of coordination, and lapses in judgment.
  4. According to research, the advertising of alcohol does not increase the rates of alcohol abuse. Alcohol is advertised to build up recognition of a certain brand name.
  5. Alcohol is a type of depressant. It may give you slight euphoric feelings when first taken, but after several drinks it decreases a person’s ability to walk, speak, and think clearly. Some people become angry or very depressed while under the influence of alcohol. If alcohol use becomes dangerous, alcohol rehab at an alcohol rehabilitation center may be necessary.
  6. A standard drink equals 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of liquor.
  7. Coffee, fresh air and many of the other mythical cures for a hangover do not help you recover any faster. The only thing that will get rid of a hangover is time. After alcohol is consumed, it leaves the body at about .015 of a person’s BAC per hour.
  8. The ability to consume large amounts of alcohol without becoming drunk should not be a desired ability. When someone has the capacity to consume several beers or other alcohol beverages at a time and is hardly affected, this is a sign that this person drinks a lot. In many cases, those with this ability are alcoholics or on the verge of become addicted to alcohol. In such a situation, treatment for alcoholism may be necessary for full recovery.
  9. While alcohol consumption may cause people to have more of a desire for sex or feel more comfortable in sexual situations, overall sexual performance decreases when alcohol is used.
  10. Beer is full of empty calories and it is often easy to gain weight by drinking. A “beer belly” however, can be caused by other methods of weight gain besides drinking alcohol.

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