How To Help Someone With An Alcohol Addiction

Signs of a Physically Abusive Alcoholic

Alcohol abuse and physical abuse are two problems that often lead to one another. When alcohol is used, one’s inhibitions are lowered and people sometimes overreact to things in the form of physical violence, often causing serious harm. Physical abuse may lead to drinking in the life of the victim as a means of coping.

How can you tell if you or someone you know is being physically abused? In most cases, women are physically abused by alcoholic men, although there are a number of cases of male abuse by a woman with an alcohol addiction. If you are worried that you may cause physical violence due to your alcohol addiction, consider seeking alcohol rehab from a drug and alcohol rehab center today. Warning signs of an abuser may include:

  • Controlling personality
  • Makes constant verbal attacks
  • Possessive attitude
  • Rations out money or driving time to partner
  • Family or partner of abuser is often missing from regular activities
  • Quick temper
  • Ignores comments made by partner
  • Forces sexual acts
  • Controls what their partner does and where he/she goes
  • Normal behavior in front of others
  • Partner is very submissive, seems frightened
  • Constantly makes threats
  • Bruises or injuries present on family members or a boyfriend/girlfriend of the abuser

The following warning signs of abuse acknowledge that help should be sought out, whether the help be for the abuser at an alcohol rehabilitation center, or for the victim.

What to do if someone you Know Abuses Alcohol

Are you worried about your loved one who seems to be addicted to alcohol? The following steps may be helpful if your loved one has an addiction to alcohol.

  • Let them face the consequences of their actions. Stop coming to the rescue when your loved one wants you to bail them out of trouble as a result of their alcohol addiction.
  • If their alcohol problem is getting out of hand and interfering with the lives of loved ones, let them know. Give them specific examples in which you or someone else was affected by their actions.
  • Talk to your loved one right after a drinking episode. Don’t be judgmental, be there to listen and wait until they let you know that they have a drinking problem.
  • If necessary, talk with an interventionist regarding your loved one’s abuse of alcohol.
  • Learn all you can about programs that are available to treat and support those with alcohol addiction. You may want to start by checking out any Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) programs in your area.
  • Remind your loved one that you are there for support and love them regardless of their actions (although you would like them to seek out recovery).
  • Be patient. It will take time for your loved to recover and even recognize that they have a problem in the first place.
  • Talk with a friend or family member who also knows the alcoholic and together discuss possible ways of helping your loved one.
  • Offer them the opportunity of attending alcohol treatment at a treatment for alcoholism center.

Why do People become Addicted to Alcohol?

People drink alcohol for a number of reasons, and if used responsibly alcohol use is acceptable. How does alcohol use change from a fun activity to an addiction? People who are drinking alcohol for the wrong reasons are more likely to abuse alcohol and eventually become addicted to this drug. The following are a few reasons why people eventually become addicted to alcohol.

  • It helps them to feel more confident and relaxed
  • It temporarily relieves many negative emotions
  • To forget about their problems
  • To get away from feelings of depression and loneliness
  • They think alcohol will give them the image they desire

In some cases, alcohol treatment at an alcohol rehabilitation center is needed to relieve an alcoholic of his or her addiction. Therapies provided by these alcohol rehab centers help to address underlying causes of alcohol abuse and often help an alcoholic to determine solutions for dealing with various stresses in life.


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  1. Ed

    Although this article is about 4 years old unfortunately it still is very up to date.
    Great info.

  2. kai

    I have been dealing with my boyfriend for over 13 years I am tired dealing with his drinking but I love him so much…

  3. Autumn L.

    Thanks for the info. My dad has been drinking for along time and if he doesn’t stop he’s gonna die. Thank you again for the info