Mission Statement


Our Commitment

Casa Palmera is committed to providing superior treatment to individuals and their family members suffering from the disease of addiction and behavioral health disorders. Our unique holistic program of healing incorporates the language of recovery, philosophy and psychology. Distinctive attention is given to the education of achieving balance and a rewarding lifestyle through the integration of fitness, wholesome eating, stress management, and spiritual reflection.

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Our Vision

Casa Palmera‘s vision is integration of a holistic program of total healing that embraces the language of recovery, philosophy, and psychology. Our approach incorporates four elements to support your recovery:

Medical and Psychological

… which offers the latest integrative medical approaches and finest psychotherapeutic modalities.


… which emphasizes fitness, wholesome eating, stress management, and spiritual reflection which teaches patients how to live a balanced, healthy and rewarding life.

Mind-Body Support

… which supports recovery through methods such as meditation, yoga, tai chi and self-hypnosis.


… which provides 24/7 nursing care within a safe, luxurious environment in a warm coastal community.

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State of the Art Fitness Facility

As one way of incorporating the fitness section of our lifestyle core element, our treatment offers a state-of-the-art gym.This gym encourages creating a healthier self-image, improvement in overall movement and the reduction of unhealthy habits as well as stress and anxiety. Higher energy levels, a decreased chance of disease and better quality of sleep are other benefits of fitness.

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