DIana L. Boyer

Diana L. Boyer
Admissions Coordinator

Diana Boyer has worked in the field of addiction for sixteen years, serving both adolescents and adults in multiple capacities, including that of Admission’s Director, Family Resource Director, Family Coordinator, Family Communication Coordinator and Admission’s Coordinator. Her years of service to her chosen field have included stints at outdoor therapeutic programs for teens, high schools and middle schools for problem teens, therapeutic high school for girls, and residential treatment centers.

Diana has also served her professional industry internationally as a four-year board Treasurer for the Tokyo Community Counseling Center as well as Program Chair for the American Women’s Association of Hong Kong.

Diana’s compassionate nature is reflected in her comments, “My passion is working with families
in a therapeutic setting. I see the whole family heal through the dedicated work that starts with the designated patient. A little kindness and compassion goes a long way in building trust and confidence in the process that begins with the admission.”