Johnny Blackburn

Johnny Blackburn, MA, CN
Clinical Nutritionist

Johnny Blackburn combines degrees in both nutrition and psychology to offer a more comprehensive approach to nutrition. He emphasizes the importance of integrating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of nutrition from clinical practice, research, human history, and anthropology. Johnny enjoys helping individuals develop a balanced healthy relationship with food, cultivate inner resources to overcome emotional eating, mange stress while eating more mindfully, and find the diet that best suits different individual constitutions for greater health, awareness,
body composition, mood, clarity, and achievement of life goals.

In addition to education, clinical practice and ongoing training, he has experientially traveled throughout North/Central/South America, Europe, SE Asia, & Australia comparing the diversity
of foods/dietary patterns, cultural beliefs, perceived stress levels, & lifestyles throughout various cultures in curiosity of cultural relativity.

Professional interests include nutrition, health, psychology, meditation, stress management, integral theory, spirituality, intentionality, shamanism, transpersonal non-local healing, human potential, the evolution of consciousness & the development of a more integrative functional humane medicine of the future.