Kellie Delli Collie

Kellie Delli Collie
Psychological Assistant
Post Doctorate Intern

Dr. Delli Colli has a PhD in clinical psychology, and is the lead therapist working with clients utilizing clinical psycho-neurophysiology at Casa Palmara. Her work focuses on developing, implementing and supervising the clinical biofeedback individual, group and family program. She has worked in this specialty area for over five years, including three with Casa Palmera. Dr. Collie integrates psychological, quantitative electroencephalography and event-related potential assessments for differential diagnosis and treatment planning.

Previously, Kellie developed and implemented biofeedback clinical treatment for a residential adult alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, and has been a psychological assistant for five years. In 2000, Dr. Collie developed and implemented a program utilizing Zen Buddhism for alcoholism
at the Women’s Center in Lawrence Massachusetts.

Dr. Collie has ten years of clinical experience that includes working with children and adolescents in school and residential treatment settings, as well as inpatient and partial hospitalization for adults and short-term acute residential care. Kellie served an internship at Home Start, Inc. working with adults, children, adolescents, couples and families focused on trauma, depression, anxiety disorders, domestic violence, chemical dependency, personality disorders and parent-child interaction therapy. At Casa Palmera, Kellie utilizes cognitive behavioral techniques including exposure therapy, experiential techniques, and aspects of Buddhism, yoga combined with biofeedback. This program was designed to treat people with eating disorders, trauma,
chronic pain and addiction, and chemical dependency.

Currently, Dr. Delli Colli is a psychological assistant and post-doctorate clinical psychology intern at Casa Palmera under the direct supervision of the clinical director Dr. Elliot Goldstein.

Dr. Collie’s commitment to Casa Palmera is “continue developing an integral bio/neurofeedback program and to research qEEG and the efficacy of psycho-neurophysiology for a myriad of illnesses and diseases.”