10 signs you may have an eating disorder

1. Wearing baggy clothes

The skinnier someone gets, the more aware they become of people starting to notice the changes in their body. To prevent this, they usually start wearing baggy clothing to try to cover up their weight loss. Sometimes females will starting borrowing their significant others clothing as a way to secretly accomplish this.

2. Loss of hair

Examine the individuals bed and carpet. People with eating disorders sometimes experience hair loss. So be on the look out for clumps of hair missing, and the wearing of hats to cover this up.

3. Secretive eating

Some individuals who are suffering from an eating disorder will starve themselves throughout the entire day only to purge late at night while nobody else is watching. Try to monitor what is in your refrigerator before you go to sleep and see if large quantities of food are missing in the morning.

4. Scratches and cuts on hands

In order to gag themselves, bulimics shove their fingers down their throat. Because of this, teeth indentations can usually be found around their knuckles where their fingers scrape up against their teeth.

5. Tooth aches

When individuals lose weight at a rapid speed, their teeth tend to feel pain due to a mineral or vitamin deficiency. This is something that a dentist will not be able to detect, so you need to be alert if they starting complaining of sore teeth.

6. Changes in eating schedule

When an individual is suffering from an eating disorder they will usually follow an eating schedule that is very irregular from everyone else. If someone wants to eat an hour before lunch or dinner, try to find out why.

7. Being tired all the time

Sometimes when individuals are suffering from an eating disorder they will not have energy for anything except going to the gym. They will find energy to do that, but nothing else.

8. Too cold, too fast

When you suffer from an eating disorder your body will no longer be able to adequately hold in heat. Try to look out for an individual always turning on the heat, wearing several layers of clothing, and always trying to stay warm.

9. Calorie counting

Extreme calorie counting can occur in individuals suffering from an eating disorder. They will often make sure whatever they eat contains little-to-no fats, butter, sugar etc… You may also catch them keeping track of their calories in a small notepad.

9. Tabloids

Many tabloids portray stick thin models as the normal body type. An individual suffering from an eating disorder may start gathering and reading all of the latest tabloid magazines. They may even start pinning some of the pictures up on their walls.

10. Critical of what others eat

Individuals suffering from an eating disorder will often criticize others for what they are eating. These comments can include: “Don’t you know how bad that is for you?”, or “Do you have any idea how much fat that has in it?”.

* Please note: These signs are not necessarily indicators of an eating disorder. However, if you or someone you know is experiencing any of these signs, please seek help from an eating disorder treatment center.