Treatment Philosophies

Our Approach to Treatment

The Casa Palmera experience is a unique alternative to the traditional approach in treating behavioral health disorders. The recovery programs offered at Casa Palmera draw from the best of modern western scientific knowledge, as well as ancient eastern intuitive healing techniques. Addictions, behavioral disorders, and other problems addressed include: addiction to alcohol, addiction to drugs such as Vicodin, heroin and cocaine, and traumas associated with and including post traumatic stress disorder.

State of the Art Treatment

Drawing on the expertise of our talented team of healthcare professionals, we at Casa Palmera seek to identify and treat the issues that lie beneath the surface. Healing is more than putting a “band-aid” on the physical health concerns. Unless all aspects of the disorder are addressed, history has shown the problem will continue to show up in other forms.

Casa Palmera treats the whole person by holistically considering life experiences, past trauma, personality, friends, family, nutrition, fitness level, medical history, spirituality, and desires for the future. By looking at each of these facets, not just the medical components, Casa Palmera creates a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan for overall recovery that is customized for each individual.

Here to Help

Casa Palmera wants to help you with your specific health needs. We want to help you find your true self and create a life based on what is genuinely important. At Casa Palmera, you will learn, grow and change as we help take you to a higher level of health, functioning and self awareness.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that you embark upon a fulfilling recovery journey and you realize all of your unique potential to be the human being you were created to be. You deserve the best … call Casa Palmera today.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a particularly integral tool when looking to treat all aspects of a person’s condition. This model of therapy assists in reducing stress and depression. It also works to change negative thought patterns by creating and developing new ways of coping with life’s difficult stresses. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy and can be used to treat those suffering from trauma, and addiction.