Casa Palmera Patient Outcomes

Helping Change Lives for the Better

Casa Palmera truly changes lives. Patients who complete treatment at Casa Palmera are more in control of the symptoms of their addiction, have hope for a better life and have improved self-confidence.  Scroll down to see the latest outcome data.

Casa Palmera patients are equipped to manage their wellbeing.

  • 99% can identify triggers.
  • 100% believe they can help themselves get better.
  • 99% understand how to control the symptoms.
  • 99% have a plan to become well.

Casa Palmera patients believe in themselves.

  • 99% believe they can handle what happens in life.
  • 99% say they like themselves.
  • 97% feel they are a better person than before their experience with mental illness.

The Casa Palmera experience is life-changing.

In around a month’s time, Casa Palmera patients experience astounding improvements in the quality of their lives.

  • 99% can handle stress.
  • 96% say their symptoms seem to be a problem for a shorter period when they occur.
  • 95% feel their symptoms interfere less and less with their life.
*Percentage includes patients who admitted to Casa Palmera in 2023 (01/01/23 to 06/30/23) and completed the Recovery Assessment Scale (RAS; N = 409). As patients admitted to Casa Palmera present with addiction as their primary mental illness, “addiction” here also refers to “mental illness experience” as written in the RAS.