Drug Addiction

Our Program

drug addictionAt Casa Palmera, we know the toll that drug addiction can take on your life. Our residential treatment facility is renowned for its innovative chemical/substance abuse therapies. Using a combination of cognitive behavioral groups, individual psychotherapy and holistic adjunctive treatment techniques, we help you deal with the personal issues that have been affecting your ability to fully enjoy your life.

Treatment at Casa Palmera is individualized for each resident. We begin your stay with an evaluation by a team of health professionals. This team includes a licensed chemical dependency counselor, who conducts a comprehensive assessment in order to help develop your treatment goals.

Casa Palmera’s drug recovery center, located near San Diego, will help you recover from your addiction while bringing peace and healing into your life. Our professional team will teach you the tools you need to free yourself from your addiction. These tools will also help you fight the urges and triggers that could lead to relapse.

Drug Addiction is a Disease

Drug addiction can be caused by factors unique to each individual:

Genetics Affect our Susceptibility to Drugs

  • Different drugs affect the body system in different ways. For instance, one person may enjoy the effects of a drug while another may not, due to chemicals and signals affecting the brain. Drugs in the category of Cannabinoids contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol (THC), which sends signals throughout the body. For some, the results are pleasing, but for others, the results are not. Also, an individual directly related to an addict has a higher risk of becoming an addict themselves.
  • Another important aspect of drug addiction is its availability. Each drug has its own physical makeup, therefore each drug varies in the time it takes to become addicted. Depending on what drugs, if any, you have available to you, your use then determines if, and how fast, you may become addicted.
  • Past trauma is a factor that causes many people to use drugs. Sexual abuse, loss of a loved one, or some type of accident, all are experiences that cause such intense pain, an individual would want to try and forget. Often, people will attempt to deal with these problems by temporarily numbing themselves through drugs, however, it quickly becomes obvious that the drugs do not make the pain go away.
  • Another factor to be considered is the influence of peers in one’s life. If your friends take drugs, you are far likelier to take them yourself, as you will constantly be around them, and they will be readily available. Also, societal pressures can aid in the attraction to drugs.
  • Many people have been programmed to believe that taking drugs is a part of life, and an experience everyone should have. In reality, taking drugs causes numerous health complications, wreaks havoc on your personal life and poses dangerous and unnecessary risks to your life.

Drug Addiction Treatment

At Casa Palmera, our goal is not only to heal the physical body but the mind and spirit as well. We achieve this goal by incorporating four core elements into our recovery program.

These elements all play a key role in the pursuit of health improvement:

  • The medical/psychotherapy core
  • The lifestyle core
  • The complementary medicine core
  • The environmental core

Imagine life free from drugs. It is possible.