Dual Diagnosis Treatment In San Diego

What is Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is the technical term for patients who display the presence of both a mental disorder and either drug or alcohol abuse. Although the exact number of people suffering from dual diagnosis can never be counted, approximations of various surveys estimate that approximately 53 percent of people who use drugs and 37 percent of people who abuse alcohol are known to have had at least one psychological disorder.

Here at Casa Palmera, a dual diagnosis residential treatment center located near San Diego, we recognize dual diagnosis may cover a wide range of problems. Such issues can include trauma, chemical dependency and depression. Each of these disorders affects a person mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. Additional names for dual diagnosis include co-occurring disorders and concurrent disorders.

It is often difficult to treat someone with two or more of these problems. Most treatment facilities will often only address one “primary disorder” and give little or no attention to the other problems. Casa Palmera’s skill at treating dual diagnosis is beneficial because it allows you to find treatment for each of your problems equally. By incorporating each condition into the same program, and giving both problems the same amount of attention, recovery from both disorders is possible. This creates a better overall recovery rate, especially if symptoms of each problem overlap one another.

Types of Dual Diagnosis

Types of complications or disorders in a case of dual diagnosis may include:

Chemical Dependency

Addiction of this type includes both drug and alcohol abuse. All categories of drugs are included, such as marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine, cocaine, GHB and heroin.


Trauma is often present prior, or occurs at the same time another complication begins. In fact, experiencing trauma is one reason someone might turn to substances to numb their pain. This problem can be acute or chronic and can occur in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder, a dissociative disorder, or possibly as a personality disorder.

What are the effects of Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis can cause a great number of problems that vary according to which addictions, disorders, pains or traumatic experiences are involved.

Common dilemmas arising out of the struggle with dual diagnosis may include:

  • Distressed feelings
  • Strained relationships
  • Poor performance at work and in school
  • Continuation of negative behavior despite known risks
  • Financial difficulty
  • Frequent states of irritability or argumentativeness
  • Avoidance of social interaction

Your Situation

We at Casa Palmera understand that having two different health complications in your life can be emotionally painful and physically draining. When you suffer from a dual diagnosis, sometimes one disorder takes a higher priority than the other, causing the other complication to worsen.

By seeking treatment at Casa Palmera, where co-occurring disorders are treated and receive the same priority, you are giving yourself the opportunity to recover from both.

Additional benefits of attending our program at Casa Palmera include:

  • Participating in our expressive therapies
  • Development of inner strengths and capabilities
  • Learning more about personal struggles
  • Increase in knowledge
  • Reversing of negative behaviors
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Addressing the role dual diagnosis plays in life
  • Development of goals in one’s personal life
  • Reduction of stress
  • Support of fellow patients

Seeking Help

Casa Palmera extends its arms to you and offers the opportunity for recovery. Our professional and caring staff will help you reclaim hope and a brighter future. No one deserves to live a life of pain or psychological torment. Call us today and start the path to recovery. You deserve it.

Our Program

Casa Palmera offers an integrated treatment experience focusing on chemical dependencies, along with other co-occurring disorders, in the same setting. Our professional staff is experienced and trained in all diagnoses. Experts in the behavioral health industry have found that an integrated model is by far the most effective strategy compared to treating one diagnosis before another.

Casa Palmera believes in a holistic approach to healing. We address each of your dual diagnosis problems individually due to the importance of specialized care. Our staff recognizes that healing does not come from putting one addiction, disorder, pain or traumatic experience above another. We believe that physical healing starts from within. If the psychological issues of each problem are not addressed, relapse can be a likely outcome.

With the help of Casa Palmera’s various therapies, you will be given the opportunity to address your co-occurring disorder through a variety of angles. We believe by giving you this opportunity, through personal growth and learning, you will be better prepared for life and its unpredictable hardships.

Therapies include:

When you arrive at our facility you will have the opportunity to take our Clinical Diagnostic Assessment. This assessment will help determine which therapies and special programs are best for your overall recovery. Throughout your stay here, regular assessments will be made to monitor your progress and to see if any changes should be made to your personalized program, which will ensure the highest degree of effectiveness and success.

Casa Palmera in San Diego is one of the few dual diagnosis treatment centers in the country. If you are seeking a path to recovery, contact us today and begin your path to recovery.