Chemical Dependency

Our Drug Treatment Program

Casa Palmera is a free-standing residential behavioral health treatment facility in San Diego, California and accredited by the Joint Commission. Research reports that people sustain better recovery outcomes with a longer length of stay. We recommend a minimum length of stay for 30 days based on an individual’s assessment. Upon being admitted, a person will received an individualized treatment plan that fosters a supportive and healing atmosphere of peace, spiritual richness and rehabilitation for adult men and women seeking help for their addictions.

How do we create a program designed specifically for you? After completion of a Comprehensive Clinical Diagnostic Assessment, our professional clinical team creates a program designed for your unique circumstances. This includes individual and group therapy, psycho-educational interactive groups. A rich variety of adjunct holistic treatment modalities to include acupuncture,bio/Neuro feedback with brain mapping, yoga, expressive art therapy, meditation, spiritual well-being, deep tissue massage (for an additional cost)and an on-site ropes challenge course. Acupuncture, bio/neuro feedback with brain mapping, yoga, and deep tissue massage (for an additional cost)are available for an additional fee after initial basic sessions are completed. Additionally, patients undergo a comprehensive discharge planning process that solidifies their recovery and their support plan that is needed to continue on the road to a new life.

Our goal for your drug treatment program at Casa Palmera is to change maladaptive behaviors through a therapeutic process in a safe and nurturing environment. This improves self-esteem and helps create your best self, through interpersonal group and individual psychotherapy, art therapy, and our ropes course. Casa Palmera also focuses on improving your ability to self-comfort and self-soothe in healthy ways with Yin Yoga, Hatha, Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation.

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Chemical Dependency Program Overview

What is Chemical Dependency?

Chemical dependency is an unhealthy pattern of using alcohol and/or other drugs that negatively affects every day functionality, often leading to the need for treatment. This addiction is a physical and/or psychological disorder. A substance abuse addiction is physical when your body desires the substance or displays signs of tolerance and eventual withdrawal. It becomes psychologically addicting when it affects your emotions as well as your personality.

Over time, the person’s tolerance for the drug(s) will increase, leading to a higher rate of consumption to achieve the desired high. In return, withdrawal symptoms will occur if the drug use is stopped.

With continued use, the drug eventually becomes the number one priority in the person’s life. Everything revolves around the drug – how to get it, when to get it, where to get it – all other aspects of life fall by the wayside.

Types of Chemical Dependency

Different Categories of Substances

Alcohol – Alcohol addiction occurs when someone consumes large amounts of alcohol, disregarding the negative effects it has on their lives, their physical health and their relationships. Statistically, over 13 percent of U.S. adults will become alcoholics in their lifetime.

Drugs – Addiction to drugs occurs when someone has a compulsive need for drugs and consistently seeks them out despite negative results. Stimulants, inhalants, cannabinoids, depressants, opioids, morphine derivatives, anabolic steroids, hallucinogens and prescription drugs are the major contenders. Cocaine (categorized as a stimulant) is highly addictive and is the most popular of all the stimulants used in the U.S. today.

Many drug and alcohol users will experiment with other substances, but typically they will have a primary drug of choice. Out of all the various drugs abused, the biggest drug problem today is alcohol abuse.

Your Situation

Drugs are highly addictive and can have a profound and deteriorating effect on personal relationships, social life, job status and health. Often, these strained relationships and negative lifestyle impacts can cause severe emotional pain leading the drug abuser to dive deeper into their addiction.

At Casa Palmera’s substance abuse treatment center located in San Diego, we understand the devastating effects drugs can have on a person’s life and the guilt that can be associated with it. We recognize that addiction is a brain disease and not a bad habit or character disorder that can simply be wished away. Whether drug addiction started out as a way to impress friends, to feel more socially comfortable, or if drugs were used as a way of coping with past trauma and stressful experiences, Casa Palmera is here to help you find recovery in body, mind and spirit. Through education, individual and group therapy sessions and our creative recovery process, we help you better understand addiction as well as address the reasons behind your pain. For our patients and their family members, life changing miracles take place here every day.

Seeking Help

While an addiction usually starts out as a method of coping with problems, it can eventually become the bigger problem itself.

Alcohol and other drug addictions are chronic, progressive diseases that can be fatal without treatment.

At Casa Palmera we understand that no one asks to become an addict or alcoholic. Addictions are rarely overcome alone and without continued support throughout a recovery process, relapse is almost inevitable. However, there is help and hope at our treatment center. Please make a confidential call today to speak with one of our professional admissions counselors to find out how our substance abuse treatment facility in San Diego can help you.

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