Mood Disorders Treatment In San Diego

What Is A Mood Disorder?

Until recently, people who seemed to struggle with extreme ups and downs were deemed “moody.” However, we now have the research and medical terms to diagnose individuals struggling with extreme mood changes. Knowing what causes severe mood swings and anger or persistent sadness helps medical professionals understand their patients’ needs and aids them in developing a specific plan to help with their mood disorder.

What Are The Causes Of Mood Disorders

Genetics can play a huge part in susceptibility to various illnesses, including mood disorders. However, a family history of mental illness does not necessarily mean an individual will develop a mood disorder. Situational factors, such as stress or difficult life occurrences, can also trigger the onset of a mood disorder.

Four Major Types of Mood Disorders


  • May cause constant mood swings and depression
  • May result in the loss of interest in doing things
  • Sometimes called a major depressive disorder or clinical depression
  • Untreated individuals may develop other psychological issues

Bipolar Disorder:

  • Characterized by broad mood swings
  • Energy and activity levels may also swing
  • Mood shifts are far more extreme than normal day to day mood changes

Dysthymic Disorder:

  • A chronic but milder form of depression
  • Symptoms often include loss if interest in activities
  • Many sufferers have low self esteem

Cyclothymic Disorder:

  • Symptoms include mood swings, but of a much lesser severity than bipolar illness
  • Time periods between highs and lows are shorter compared to bipolar illness

Dysthymic and Cyclothymic Disorders

Depression and bipolar illness are often severe and debilitating. This can lead to feelings of isolation, which can eventually turn into other sicknesses.

Dysthymic and cyclothymic disorders are less severe forms of bipolar disorder and depression. The symptoms of these two disorders are not as pronounced, so it may be more difficult to diagnose them. However, for the people dealing with these disorders, the tasks of everyday life may be daunting and need to be taken seriously.

How Are Mood Disorders Treated?

At Casa Palmera recovery center in San Diego, we understand the need to treat the person behind the mood disorder. By approaching these disorders holistically, we assess the individual’s history and symptoms, identifying all facets of the illness, from causes of the mood swings and anger to exacerbating events. We believe in treating all aspects of the person: physically, mentally and spiritually.

An important part of the Casa Palmera treatment plan is the initial comprehensive medical and psychological assessment every individual receives upon arrival. Once there is a proper diagnosis and understanding of what causes these mood swings and anger, the treatment team at Casa Palmera considers all options, from medication to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

We encourage our patients to participate in various other activities, including:

  • Day outings
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Physical fitness
  • Meditation

Our approach not only enhances the healing process, it also teaches people to approach life in a healthy way and to foster continual wellbeing. If you need more information to understand what mood disorders are or how they can be treated, contact Casa Palmera today.