Why Casa

Casa saves lives. The place is magic. I am a miracle. I am so blown away by my journey. S.P.

What Sets Casa Palmera Apart

Casa Palmera is a holistic-based residential behavioral health treatment facility. We offer a variety of unique services that effectively separates us from virtually all other behavioral health facilities in America.

At Casa Palmera, we understand your pain.

The holistic components that enrich and enhance our therapeutic environment include:

Bio/Neuro Feedback with Brain-Mapping, Physical Fitness Training, Reiki, Therapeutic Ropes Challenge Course, and Meditation. At Casa Palmera, we believe these treatment modalities nurture the body, mind, and spirit. Each element is crucial to the overall healing and spiritual wellness of our patients. An additional component that distinguishes Casa Palmera from other treatment facilities is our round-the-clock licensed nursing staff, which is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We feel this component is critically important for the health and safety of our patients. Further, all of our residential rooms, treatments and services are provided under one roof. Patients never have to deal with the hassle of being transported from separate housing to their treatment.

Casa Palmera specializes in addressing the individual psychological makeup of each of our patients. The foundation of every treatment plan has four elements that support your overall health and recovery.

These elements are:

Medical & Psychological

  • The medical safety of each patient is paramount, and absolute safety is insured through a complete medical and psychological assessment upon arrival.
  • Continual monitoring of the patient is provided through our 24-hour nursing care.
  • Patients of the drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs participate in ongoing individualized and group psychotherapy.
  • Group psychotherapy is designed to reveal underlying personality issues and also brings out symptoms and behaviors that interfere with your ability to fully function and truly enjoy your life.


A healthy lifestyle is a fundamental piece for anyone’s physiological and psychological well being.
Because of this, Casa Palmera offers patients the opportunity to:

  • maintain a healthy, nutritious diet
  • participate in regular exercises
  • learn stress management tools
  • reflect mindfully upon aspects of their own spiritual well-being
  • practice living in a community, with shared goals and respected common space

Mind Body

Active self-help methods, such as meditation, yoga, tai chi and self-hypnosis are offered to all patients. These classes demonstrate how to maintain a healthy control over stresses, and how to calm your mind. We also offer supportive modalities including:

  • homeopathy and nutritional supplements

All of these elements help develop and maintain a healthy body and calm mind.


Casa Palmera is an environment perfectly designed for maximum healing and spiritual growth. Landmark studies show that people recovering from life-threatening traumas, of all kinds, heal more quickly when they can live among trees and gardens. Green space and nature are restorative and Casa Palmera’s lush garden-like setting is an idyllic environment for people looking to heal and renew. On top of the serene setting, we also have a 24-hour nursing staff, a four-star kitchen, and an understanding and supportive staff ready to help patients in any way possible, ensuring that your treatment is always rewarding and meaningful.

What sets Casa Palmera apart:

Integrative Medicine +
Holistic Treatment +
Evidence-based treatment +
Addressing dis-ease not disease +
Thinking Outside the box +
Spiritual connection +
Specialized professional healing team +
Functional fitness program +
Education: Knowledge and life skills +
Healthy lifestyle program +
Individualized treatment program +
Family Program
Comprehensive Assessment +
Ideal location +
All-inclusive privacy +
Exceptional treatment facility +
Optimum Wellness +