Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Treatment Programs

Casa Palmera understands the importance of a foundation that starts with strong brain functioning to learn, remember and integrate new behaviors into a person’s life. It is this foundation that will lead to a lasting recovery.

Neurofeedback and biofeedback are non-invasive and drug-free treatments that have been proven to be effective in treating patients with a variety of problems. As part of Casa Palmera’s holistic approach, neurofeedback and biofeedback have been shown to reduce or eliminate the need for medication in the treatment of some conditions such as anxiety, depression, headaches, trauma and chronic pain. Neurofeedback, also known as neurotherapy, is used to improve brainwave activity. Biofeedback uses medical instruments to gain control of physiological activity and improve health and performance. Both approaches are very useful in helping patients learn how to manage stress and optimize performance.

Casa Palmera’s individual feedback sessions can range in duration from 30 to 45 minutes. During a session, patients are taught to control responses through relaxation exercises including:

• Deep breathing
• Progressive muscle relaxation
• Guided imagery
• Mindfulness meditation

How Bio-Neurofeedback Works

Our goal is to train you to balance your brain and body to have optimal functioning and health. We start with an extensive assessment, which includes a Clinical Interview, psychological and physical symptom questionnaires, Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG), Psycho-Physiological Stress Profile and Neuropsychological Testing.

During the Physiological Stress Profile an individual’s heart rate, respiration, muscle contractions, finger temperature and skin conductance are measured during rest, stress, recovery and during paced breathing periods. This test shows us how the body is functioning and what types of interventions will be helpful to decrease symptoms and increase health and well-being.

QEEG is a non-invasive test that measures electrical impulses from your brain. We use this information to understand brain functioning and symptomatology, and to diagnose and create individualized treatment plans. The procedure is done without any medication and is completely painless. With the information from the QEEG, we know exactly which position on the scalp needs to be increased or decreased for improved functioning.

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By training a person to regulate their brain waves, the brain is rewarded and learns to direct itself towards a more desirable level of functioning. Through neurofeedback training, a person can learn to increase brain functioning, such as memory, emotion regulation, and learning. Conversely, unwanted side effects of imbalances in the brain such as depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and addictive behaviors can also decrease.

We utilize respiratory feedback, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training, skin conduction (SC), finger temperature and electromyography (EMG) protocols. These protocols help to train the body back to balance, increase positive coping and ability to handle the demands of everyday life, while at the same time decreasing pain and suffering.

Casa Palmera utilizes the latest technology available with our patients in the administration of bio-neurofeedback.

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The phases of treatment include:

  • Assessments
  • Skill building
  • Exposure
  • Family session
  • Relapse prevention
  • Treatment outcome
  • Research and development

A unique aspect of our psycho-neurophysiological program is that our treatment team incorporates many other therapeutic modalities during neurofeedback and biofeedback sessions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, mental imagery and yoga practices. This integration allows for faster learning and generalization by reinforcing the use of skills that allow the brain to function at a higher, more efficient level. Casa Palmera employs a thorough, comprehensive and focused approach that empowers our patients with the tools and guidance for greater healing and functioning.