Top 12 Risks Of Cocaine Use

Unnecessary Risks

  1. Frequent cocaine use brings about feelings of depression and sadness.
  2. Death can result as a consequence of cocaine overdose.
  3. Often times, because of the exaggerated sense of self-confidence that comes from cocaine, careless risks are taken which sometimes cause great harm.
  4. Cocaine can be expensive, especially for frequent users. Debt is often a result of this expense.
  5. Paranoia, anxiety and panic attacks are common among cocaine addicts.
  6. Previous mental health problems are often brought up again as a result of cocaine use. Also, the risk of developing such mental disorders increases with use.
  7. Cocaine can become very addictive. This is especially true since its effects wear off so quickly, causing users to take more in an effort to avoid its depressing after effects.
  8. Injecting cocaine is much more dangerous than other forms of cocaine usage because the needle used stops most feelings of pain in the injection spot. Also, hepatitis and HIV are likelier to occur if injection needles are shared.
  9. Cocaine can pose a great risk to your pregnancy, causing miscarriages and a low birth weight.
  10. Cocaine damages the lungs and causes respiratory complications in general.
  11. Aggression is a frightening side effect of cocaine use, this happens because of mistrust and suspicion that takes hold of a person.
  12. Mixing other drugs with cocaine can be very hazardous, even deadly.

Role of Cocaine Rehab Treatment Centers

Using cocaine poses many unnecessary risks. Are these risks worth it? If you use cocaine, it is important to think about this drug’s threat to your life and accurately assess the risks for yourself. For anyone who has a loved one caught up in the cycle of cocaine abuse, determining these risks is an important step. The next step would to be talk to your loved one, warn them of these risks and offer your help and support to them.

Cocaine addiction treatment may prove to be the best form of drug treatment for your loved one, as it has assisted in the successful recovery of numerous individuals. The two of you can work together to find the best cocaine rehab center available. However, it is important to accurately assess how each cocaine rehab treatment center will fit your loved one before making a final decision.