Drug Rehab Aftercare

Recovery from drug addiction doesn’t end once you leave the doors of rehab. Completing a rehabilitation treatment program is just the beginning of a long journey to maintaining sobriety. Drug rehab teaches you the skills needed to remain sober, but the real test comes once you leave the program and enter the real world. Aftercare helps you put your newfound skills to practical use with the support you had in rehab.

What is Drug Rehab Aftercare?

Aftercare refers to the continuing treatment a person receives immediately following their stay at residential treatment. It is one of the most important actions any recovering addict can take to increase their odds of successful sobriety.

There are many types of aftercare programs, but the most common forms of aftercare are continuing sessions with a therapist, continuing participation in 12-step group meetings and peer support groups, enrollment recovery and relapse prevention programs, and sober living. The type of aftercare you choose is a personal decision that should be made with the help of a drug counselor. Luckily, most aftercare programs can fit in with your responsibilities at home and work.

Why is Drug Rehab Aftercare so Important?

The period of time directly following rehabilitation treatment is the most fragile time for recovering addicts. Treatment provides a safe and structured environment that supports a sober lifestyle, but the real world is full of temptations and triggers that threaten sobriety at every turn. Aftercare helps patients transition to ‘the outside’ and apply the lessons they learned in rehab with the support of professionals and other addicts in recovery. Case managers and counselors help you with life management issues such as living arrangements, employment, relationships, emotional healing, and continued skill building in maintaining sobriety. Peer support groups allow you to connect with other individuals just like you who can help keep you on track toward your goal of sobriety.

When choosing a drug rehab, the intensity and duration of their aftercare programs should factor into your decision-making process. The work you do in rehab will build the foundation of sobriety, but aftercare will help ensure this foundation doesn’t crumble. Even individuals who are committed to sobriety and determined to change can be overwhelmed once they leave treatment. Aftercare provides a much needed safety net during a very risky time.

If you’re battling a substance addiction, you don’t have to fight it alone. Drug rehab can give you the weapons you need not only in treatment, but also after your residential stay ends. Call Casa Palmera today and ask how they can put you on the healing path to sobriety.