Trauma Treatment Center Reveals Recreational Brain Trauma’s Leading Cause is Horseback Riding

Research at a trauma treatment center has revealed that horseback riding is the leading cause of injuries to the brain among recreational activities.

Every year, roughly 66 percent of all sports related brain trauma injuries occur in young people ages 5 to 18.  Of that number, nearly 85 require in-patient care.  These types of injuries are usually defined as internal organ injuries, or concussions.

Among other sports, bicycling and basketball account for the largest number of injuries that require an individual to go to the emergency room.  Last year approximately 604,000 visited the emergency room due to basketball injuries, and nearly 525,000 had to go for bicycling related accidents.

However the number of individuals suffering from brain injuries was far higher for those involved in horseback riding accidents at nearly 12%.

Many brain related injuries are considered only “mild”, even a mild brain injury can change a persons ability to function in work and at school.

Sports are important in the development of an individual, but you must be aware of the risks involved.  It is extremely important that an individual participating in such activities always protect their head whether it be from colliding with other people, getting bumped, or being hit by balls.


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