Bulimia Help Center Needed for UK Models

A new study has found that up to 40 percent of UK models suffer from eating disorders.  Facilities such as a bulimia help center seem to be too scarce, and are in dire need.

It is well known that the fashion industry’s obsession with skinny women is most likely driving the increase in eating disorders, but a report by the Model Health Inquiry says that the known cases of anorexia is only the beginning.  There is now an alarmingly increasing number of women with hidden eating disorders.

Anorexia still does seem to be the most prominent of the eating disorders, but other unspecified disorders such as bulimia seem to be getting much worse.  Many models are now purging and drinking large amounts of water in order to conceal their weight.  This of course is highly dangerous because the body is being deprived on potassium which can lead to someone dropping dead.

Bulimia, one of the more dangerous of the hidden disorders, is usually marked by cycles of binging followed by purging in which the individual uses laxatives, vomiting, or diuretics.

The fashion industry in the UK does acknowledge the growing crisis and says they will work towards helping all individuals with eating disorders by getting them the help they deserve.