Abuse Center Drug Treatment is an Increasing Problem in Hong Kong

A top narcotics official from Hong Kong said on Friday that several psychotropic drugs such as ketamine (also known as Special K) are becoming an increasing problem and cause for more abuse center drug treatment programs.

This contradicts a report earlier from the World Health Organization that said ketamine was not a problem.  Narcotics official Sally Wong says that ketamine is infact a major concern right now.

Cannabis, heroin, and ice lead the list of  illegal drugs outside of Asia, but in recent years the abuse of Ketamine and other psychotropic drugs in Hong Kong has increased dramatically.

The majority of these users are under the age of 21 and the age of users continue to drop.   The can be contributed to the drugs being so readily available in schools, parks, lounges, pretty much anywhere.

Ketamine is usually associated with depression and memory loss, but new studies are showing that the drug is also responsible for kidney and bladder dysfunction.

A special meeting is scheduled to take place next week involving authorities from all over China.  They will meet to discuss new strategies on how to best deal with the problem.


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