Family Therapy Treatment Program In San Diego

Why the Family Program is so Important

Casa Palmera’s Family Program introduces the strong belief that the behavior of every member of a family impacts every other member of that family, which is why we offer a family therapy treatment program. The stability of the family is often dependent upon each member fulfilling specific roles.

NOTE: The family program is only available for patients in a 30-day plus program.

How It Works


As part of the family therapy treatment program, the family is contacted by the Primary Therapist every week to keep them aware of what is happening in the patient’s treatment. These weekly contacts create a line of communication between the family and the Primary Therapist, who is responsible for managing the care of the patient.

Weekly contacts also enable the Primary Therapist, as well as our Treatment Team, to learn ongoing information, which only strengthens and enhances the patient’s care. As treatment progresses, the team can always formulate a more integrative treatment approach that will better target the patient’s particular needs.

Weekly telephone contacts with the family culminate in three days of face-to face meetings at Casa Palmera, where the family meets with our professional staff. During the Family Program, the family gets to experience all the therapeutic modalities that patients experience during their stay at Casa Palmera.

Information and observations gained in the ongoing weekly contacts, and the three days of face-to-face meetings with the family, allows our Treatment Team to anticipate the nature of family interactions. This makes it possible to assist family members in identifying and changing their unhealthy ways of relating to the patient. These skills will help the family support the healthy changes the patient has made over the course of treatment.

How Family Interaction Plays a Role in the Future

Information gained through family interactions is a significant factor in the development of a more appropriate discharge and aftercare plan. It provides information to other professionals, whose services may be necessary to sustain ongoing recovery after discharge from the Casa Palmera treatment program.

Life-changing Lessons

After completing the Family Therapy Program, family members are encouraged to work on their own issues and utilize the skills they learned to continue developing healthy relationships with each other. Resources and recommendations for support services are given to each family, specifically tailored to their needs. The Family Program is included in the cost of an individual’s treatment.

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