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Tips and Resources to Help Stay Sober After Treatment

How to Stay Sober

Undergoing residential or outpatient treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse is a monumental time in anyone’s life. Deciding to take the first, big step toward getting clean and sober means facing your deepest fears and insecurities to address an addiction head on. It requires a firm and unwavering commitment to honesty and openness to change.

Not to mention, the considerable financial commitment a treatment stay generally requires.

For these and other reasons, we at Casa Palmera want every person we help in recovery to leave treatment with all the resources and information they need to stay clean and sober.

Our treatment alumni are an important part of our mission of helping people get clean and sober then stay that way for the rest of their lives. By serving as shiny examples to those still in treatment of the value of completing the program and showing the joy that a clean and sober life can provide, our alumni help spread our mission in the community.

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Volunteer as a Casa Palmera Alumni

Many of our treatment alumni want to give back to others who are still in treatment as part of their own recovery journey. By volunteering as a guest speaker at monthly Casa Palmera events, volunteering your time and talents to Casa Palmera or otherwise giving back, you can find that you are able to assist others in their recovery journey while maintaining your own personal journey.

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