Professional Pilots Evaluations

Casa Palmera offers comprehensive evaluations to assist professionals and employers in making decisions regarding care.  Early intervention and a thorough assessment and evaluation are essential elements that can positively impact the course of treatment, recommendations and outcomes.  Casa Palmera’s evaluation consists of a five day residential stay that includes a series of diagnostic assessments as well as participation in daily scheduled treatment activities at the facility.    The professional is immersed in the therapeutic program during any time not actively involved in evaluation/assessment appointments. This comprehensive evaluation is professionally presented both verbally and in writing with a goal of assisting the individual in making well informed decisions regarding next steps for optimal health and wellness.

Who can benefit from a substance abuse evaluation?

The evaluation can benefit anyone demonstrating patterns of impaired behavior or negative consequences of impaired behavior in any setting including home or on the job.

  • Alcoholics, addicts, chronic pain patients, behavioral disorder or co-occurring disorder who have had difficulty maintaining abstinence or healthy lifestyles despite repeated attempts.
  • Individuals who would like a second opinion regarding the validity of a diagnosis given by a professional or during an intervention.
  • Professionals working in security sensitive or high risk positions such as attorneys, clergy and corporate executives.
  • Professionals working in the entertainment or sports arena that requires either special drug testing and clearance process or risk injury if under the influence.
  • Professionals conducting safety sensitive operations such as physicians, healthcare personnel, airline pilots, aviation mechanics, law enforcement, etc.

What are the advantages of such an evaluation?

  • Preservation of employment status and family integrity
  • Detection of fatal illness
  • Plan of action and treatment recommendation based on expert assessment and analysis
  • Fitness for duty and return to work if indicated
  • Professional assessment and clinical findings reviewed by nationally recognized and experienced treatment provider

Program Objectives:

  • Identify possible causes for impaired behaviors
  • Causes may include chronic pain, addictive disease, eating disorder, behavioral disorder
  • Assess the level of the individual’s occupational, social or physical impairment
  • Evaluate the individual’s fitness to perform
  • Determine and recommend if and what treatment may be indicated

Evaluations include the following:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Psychological
    • MMPI
    • Beck Depression Inventory
    • Beck Anxiety Inventory
    • Face to face Psychosocial interview
  • Psychosocial
    • Telephone interviews with key persons (co-workers, family, friends, employer, other collateral contacts as determined appropriate)
    • Review of written documentation supplied (medical and legal history, letters of concern, letters of support)
  • Medical
    • Nursing assessment
    • Nutritional assessment
    • Fitness/activity assessment
    • Internal medicine (History and Physical)
    • Urine drug screen and laboratory studies
  • Physician Addiction Specialist Evaluation
  • Clinical Eating Disorder Assessment
  • Exit Interview
    • Participants meet with Medical Director to review findings and if indicated, treatment recommendations
    • Summary is sent to designated parties with valid ROI
    • Comprehensive report forwarded to designated party (usually the referral source) with valid ROI


Rest assured that Casa Palmera staff are not permitted to discuss a person’s participation or results of an evaluation without written consent and signed release or a valid court order

Scheduling an Evaluation

Please call the admissions department at 888-481-4481 to schedule an evaluation.