Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Treating Persistent Depression in a Modern, Holistic Way

For many people, treating their depression with prescribed antidepressants doesn’t always help. In fact, 5.5 million people who struggle with depression have reported that antidepressants didn’t give them relief from their symptoms.1,2,3 If this is you, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment may be the alternative you’ve been looking for.

TMS: The Alternative Answer to Depression Relief

Available at the Neurocenter at Casa Palmera, TMS is part of an integrative treatment program, which can relieve longtime sufferers from major depressive disorder (MDD) through holistic therapies that promote overall brain health.

Here are some things to understand about TMS:

  • It’s a non-drug, non-invasive procedure.
  • It’s a treatment that sends magnetic pulses to areas of the brain that are not as active as they should be in people with depression.
  • It is FDA-cleared.
  • It has been performed on 2.5 million people, with the majority saying it brought them the relief they needed.
  • It’s covered by most insurance plans.


A Look at the TMS Process

For most patients, TMS is recommended five days a week for 4 to 6 weeks. So, what can you expect at your first TMS appointment?

  • You’ll remain awake during the treatment and sit comfortably in a reclined chair.
  • A small magnetic coil will be lightly placed on your head, delivering focused magnetic stimulation to under-active parts of the brain.
  • The whole procedure typically takes 20 to 35 minutes to complete.

Most people have minimal-to-zero side effects, though some have reported temporary pain or slight discomfort at or near the treatment site. Rest assured, when you do TMS at Casa Palmera, your safety and comfort is always top of mind. Read more about our COVID Clean Commitment.

TMS Therapy Restores Lives

Because TMS is non-invasive, patients can come to appointments by themselves and go on with their normal daily activities afterwards. There’s no required downtime. Many patients report that they begin feeling “lighter” after their first few appointments as their veil of depression begins to lift.

We utilize NeuroStar technology, the leader in TMS treatment, with well-documented success rates. Patients receiving TMS treatment with NeuroStar experience, on average, a 68% improvement in symptoms and 45% achieved remission after 30 treatments.4

While receiving TMS therapy at the Neurocenter at Casa Palmera, patients will re-envision and prepare for a brighter, happier future without the burden of persistent depression.


Heal Depression with the Power of TMS

If you have hit a roadblock treating your depression, explore the transformative power of TMS therapy. Take the steps to finally heal. Fill out our form or call Casa Palmera at (888) 625-1963 today.


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