Family Intervention Specialists & Contacts

Intervention in San Diego, California
Staging an intervention is sometimes the first step in the rehabilitation process. Our list of family intervention specialists and intervention contacts can help you and your family or friends navigate through this difficult time. Contact a family specialist in the San Diego area or from our list of national contacts to start helping a family or friend.
Jerry Law    AZ    (480) 774-7673
Jerry L. Law, D. Min, CDAAC is a veteran of over 25 years in the corporate world, and his
strong leadership and organizational skills lend themselves naturally to the intervention
process. He is a Board Certified Interventionist and a Master Certified Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Counselor.

Jenny Rodin    CA    (714) 457-4839
Jenny Rodin, CNMI-I is a published author, a motivational speaker and a community
volunteer. She is certified through the National Association of Drug and Alcohol
Interventionists, and is proud to have earned the title of Certified National Master
Interventionist. She has been working with families in crisis for several years, bringing
them the gift of hope. She is a strong voice of recovery in the community, drawing
inspiration from her own victory over addiction, as well as from the success she has
seen in the families she has worked with. Jenny has been trained in multiple intervention approaches, and is able to adapt her style to fit most any situation. Jenny is a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists.

Ricki Townsend    CA    (916) 539-4535
A Path to Recovery

CAS, RAS, BRI 1, NCAC1 – In recovery since 1984, Ricki has since educated herself
in the “why” of addiction and now spends her time supporting others in their healing,
finding their truth, and looking within. Ricki has been trained in several models of
intervention, including Systemic Model of Intervention, The Family Meeting Intervention, and ARISE. Additional areas of specialty include Grief Recovery Specialist and Hospice, Community Law Enforcement Chaplain, Meditation, Critical Incident Stress Management, Critical Incident Teams (Law Enforcement).

Louise Stanger    CA    (619) 507-1699
All About Interventions
Dr. Louise Stanger is an expert clinician located in San Diego with over 30 years experience working with families and conducting interventions. Her interventions are extremely beneficial for families who have loves ones suffering from mental health issues, substance abuse disorders including alcohol and other drugs, and process addictions such as eating disorders, gambling, and sex addiction. One of her greatest strengths is Dr. Stanger’s ability to create movement within the family, helping loved ones get needed treatment. She works hand in hand with other professionals, therapists and treatment centers to ensure the family’s success. Dr. Stanger works with families for as little as two sessions. She has completed interventions in as short as 7 hours – from meeting the parents, staging the intervention and entering the patient in treatment that evening. Others may take longer – from three days to several weeks of preparation time. Once the intervention is complete, family members are guided towards appropriate resources and may continue in a Solution-Focused Coaching relationship with Louise as they discover new solutions.

Dona-marie Swaim    CA    (760) 635-1333
Dona-marie has years of experience as an interventionist and chemical dependence counselor in Encinitas, CA

Dirk Eldredge    CA    (310) 373-1011
Surrender Intervention
CADAC, BRI 1, NCAC, CAS – Dirk focuses on “Family Intervention” and the systemic
model of approaching the identified patient in a loving and respectful way using the power
of a well-focused and respectful group presentation. Dirk travels anywhere in the world
to organize and facilitate interventions involving chemical dependency and eating disorders with a heavy emphasis on dual diagnosis situations. Included in his services are case management for the identified patient as well as each family member for the first full year of recovery.

Intervention 911    Ken Seeley    CA    (866) 888-4911
Ken Seeley founded Intervention 911 to help people and families worldwide who struggle with addiction. Ken and his team of trained and dedicated professionals work closely with addicts and families to determine a personalized plan to help them achieve long term recovery. They specialize in dealing with drug, alcohol, psychiatric, food and process addiction interventions and post treatment services.

JoAnn Towle    CA    (415) 655-3735
Family Intervention Associates
Jo Ann utilizes the Systematic Family Intervention Model. This focus plans, coaches and empowers families through a healthy intervention process. Jo Ann has worked the entire spectrum of rehabilitation. She understands the clinical aspects to addiction treatment, outpatient programs, and post treatment counseling. Intervention and workshops are a respectful and honest process. Families develop the skills needed in establishing boundaries and empowering them to work the recovery process.

Jim Tracey    CA    (760) 406-5018
For most of the 20 years of his own recovery, Dr. Tracy has been working with licensed professionals and families to help individuals recover from active addiction. He is a nationally recognized lecturer and trainer in the area of family and peer interventions.

Burr Cook    CA    (888) 413-3033
Family Intervention Now
Registered Nurse, Certified Addiction Specialist II, NCAC, and Board Registered Interventionist. Burr Cook is trained and experienced in Systemic, Arise (certified since 2007), and Johnson Model interventions. He specializes in interventions for chemical addictions, sex, gambling, internet, mental illness and co-dependency, and has worked in the addiction field since 2003 (Interventionist, admissions, counselor, program development) and healthcare field since 1976.

Linda Reedy    CA    (858) 922-1271
Save Your Family Interventions
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Intervention Specialist. If your family is being torn apart and you are afraid of losing your loved one forever to alcohol, drug addiction or an eating disorder please contact Save Your Family Interventions immediately for a free consultation.

Whether or not an Intervention is the appropriate action for your situation, Linda will gladly assist you in finding the resources that will help you. Unlike many interventionists, Linda treats the whole family, not just the affected individual. She realizes that the entire family system is affected and the addicted individual has a much greater chance at long-term success if the entire system is educated and informed about the various components of the disease.

Linda has developed an Intervention model that includes a detailed assessment of the family system, development of a treatment plan, a one-day workshop on addiction education and intervention preparation and the facilitation of the actual intervention, including aftercare. Most families wait seven years before seeking outside help! Please do not prolong your suffering. Stop the pain now. Contact Linda today at: 1-858-922-1271 or

Paul Gallant    CT    (203) 521-1949
Paul is a Masters level, licensed professional counselor, and certified interventionist.
He is a member of the Association of Intervention Specialists. He has been helping people recover for over 19 years. Paul’s compassion, respect, and clinical expertise provide each family with the training and confidence to help their loved one to recover.

Mike Appel    FL    (617) 407-7286
Crisis Case Management
Mike started Crisis Case Management because he’d seen the horrific effects of alcoholism and drug addiction up close. He dedicated his life to helping those afflicted with alcoholism and addiction stop the cycle of addiction once and for all, and to helping their families heal from the devastating effects of the disease.

Nathan Fears    FL    (877) 542-5484
Nathan Fears and Associates are dedicated to providing the utmost comprehensive intervention, transport, placement, and case management services for adolescent and adults.

John Southworth    ID    (800) 386-1695
Southworth Associates provides intervention, consulting, and monitoring services.
Specializing in drug and alcohol addictions they also perform interventions for process addictions (Gambling, Sex, Food, etc) and mental health.

James Murray    ID    (413) 268-7022
James Murray, M.S., is the Founder and Executive Director of Breakthrough Interventions LLC. He is a nationally recognized author and speaker. James has been creating interventions with adolescents and young adults for the last 12 years in therapeutic schools, residential treatment centers, after-care programs and individually all around the country.

Michael Plahn    IL    (312) 265-0909
LifeSkills Authorities (LSA)
Michael Plahn, MA, is a National Intervention Specialist & Recovery Coaching Expert and the founder of LifeSkills Authorities. LSA offers true comprehensive solutions for individuals, families, and businesses affected by addiction and/or untreated mental illness. LSA’s Pre-Treatment Solution is an extraordinary program that offers a single source of contact for concerned individuals who want a confidential concierge approach to assist an afflicted loved-one to embrace help. LSA’s Recovery Coaching is a 52-week program that eases the transition from treatment, enables the afflicted person to continue to thrive in the “real-world,” and has been called “A guardian angel for anyone suffering from addiction and related issues” by a Fortune 100 Senior Executive.

Intervention Services and Technologies    IL    (219) 695-0291
Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc. was founded by two brothers, one a former
drug addict and the other a degreed psychologist who suffered as your family is suffering now. Collectively, they have used their extensive backgrounds, professional training and personal experiences to develop a company that addresses not just the needs of the addicted one, but serves to heal the family as a whole.

Francesca McCarter    MD    (301) 831-8910
Ms. McCarter is in private practice, with offices in Maryland and Metropolitan Washington, DC as well as practicing nationally and abroad. She has pioneered the co-facilitated intervention and has been in active practice for over 17 years. She has a background in nursing, chemical dependency counseling studies, case management studies.

John Sullivan    NY    (917) 733-2968

Jane Mintz    OH    (216) 407-4500
Jane is trained in and familiar with a variety of intervention methodologies and will use whichever strategy or combination of techniques necessary to move the client from the crisis state to the safety of a treatment environment or plan. Jane is not only concerned with getting her clients the very best treatment available but directing the entire family toward better emotional and physical health.

Della Blackburn    OK    (918) 747-7095
Della Blackburn is a national (NCACII) and Oklahoma state (CADC) certified counselor who has been a professional in the field of addiction since 1986. She has experience in program development, evaluations, and assessments, as well as continuing care facilitation. She has been conducting interventions for the past 20 years and utilizes her intuitive nature to help the family.

Turk Despard    PA    (717) 299-5054
Turk Despard LPC, CACD, CCJP has over twenty years of experience in corporate and dual diagnosis counseling, and an active private dual diagnosis mental health addictions practice specializing in Gestalt and experiential therapy, Turk has amassed an impressive array of licenses, certifications, and advanced training.

“Sonny” McCutcheon    TX    (800) 805-0499
Recovery Alternatives
Sonny McCutcheon, founder of Recovery Alternatives, has extensive experience working with families, friends, and colleagues to help facilitate the changes necessary to break the downward spiraling cycle of addiction or alcoholism. Applying a structured team approach to the intervention process, Sonny has worked successfully to guide those who care about the individual through the entire intervention process. Sonny has close working relationships with addiction and alcoholism treatment programs and an extensive network of alcoholism and addiction professionals across the country.

Tom McCullom    UT    (801) 750-2641
Tom specializes in dual diagnosis, addiction and mood disorders. He offers counseling and intervention work with families and individuals who have addiction and mood disorders. Interventions, individual therapy, family counseling are done with respect, dignity, and care.