Aftercare at Casa Palmera

Lifelong Support

Aftercare is one of the most important stages of your recovery program. When you complete your treatment and return to normal life and its routines, we want you to feel safe and supported during this crucial transition period. That is why we work with you throughout treatment to create a customized aftercare plan that includes a recovery support network that you can rely on and trust. This is an essential step we take, with the ultimate goal of giving you the best possible chance at lifelong recovery. The cost of this care is included in your treatment cost for up to one-year post-discharge.

Our aftercare program includes:

  • Community building with other recovery-focused individuals
  • Substance monitoring
  • Goal setting
  • Coping strategies
  • Support through life transitions
  • Ongoing therapy

Studies show that aftercare programs are likely to produce positive outcomes for patients in long-term recovery. The longer an individual participates in aftercare following treatment, the greater its benefits in preventing relapse. After treatment at Casa Palmera, your treatment team will put together a plan for your continued care tailored to your personal situation that is practical and useful in your daily life.

Developing Your Aftercare Plan

When developing an in-depth after-care plan, we consider your specific needs and circumstances. When a plan is tailored to your personal situation, you’ll have a better chance of sticking with it and getting the most out of it. We want the plan to be a practical and useful tool for your daily life, so we ensure that it includes detailed and specific recovery activities that can easily fit your schedule.

This plan includes appointments with psychiatric and behavioral health professionals located in your home area, allowing you to move forward with ongoing therapy and medication management conveniently. It also includes support groups run by Casa Palmera staff members and alumni such as the post-discharge support groups and weekly alumni support group. These groups are a vital part of establishing a trusted network that will encourage and walk alongside you as you pursue a life in recovery.


Fostering Connection

Mental health disorders often create symptoms that leave individuals unable to be fully in community with others. Those in recovery from SUDs may find that those they previously connected with do not have similar life goals or values, and they may need to separate themselves from those groups to maintain their sobriety. Our team at Casa Palmera understands the challenges of developing a social community following treatment, while highly valuing the role community plays in our long-term recovery.

That’s why we believe so strongly in an aftercare program and our alumni program. Through our alumni events, former Casa Palmera patients are given a network of social opportunities. Activities to connect with likeminded individuals who are serious and focused on long-term recovery include*:

  • Beach days
  • Movie nights
  • Bowling
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Volunteering in the community

*Activities vary per location.

“I am forever grateful to Casa Palmera… They provide aftercare and have alumni events, so after you are discharged, you have a support system already waiting for you.” – T.V., former patient at Casa Palmera

“The social environment at Casa Palmera was awesome! Casa Palmera was very skilled at helping foster a gentle and friendly atmosphere of social interaction. Nothing is forced, but it seemed easy to make friends with others.” – M.M., former patient at Casa Palmera


Staying Connected to Casa

Your connection to Casa Palmera is a lifelong one that begins when you decide to pursue rehabilitation treatment with us, and it is a relationship we value. You can count on us to support you when you return for alumni meetings, aftercare and continuing care programs.