Casa Palmera Los Angeles

Experience mental health and substance abuse treatment at one of our residential treatment houses in West LA.

Warm and welcoming, our home-like, intimate residences in Los Angeles offer you best-in-class treatment that caters to your specific needs. With a total residential capacity of just 18 individuals, at Casa Palmera LA, our private residences offer you the highest standard of dignity and confidentiality during your stay. Features include:

  • Small staff-to-patient ratio
  • Peaceful setting and lush grounds in one of our three houses
  • Gourmet chef-prepared meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Gym equipment
  • Off-site excursions (beach days, hiking, movies, etc.)



Well-Rounded Care in West LA

Our facilities are not only beautiful but are truly life-saving environments that are led by a team of highly-trained and experienced professionals.  Here’s what to expect at one of our Casa Palmera Los Angeles residences:

  • Medical detox and residential levels of care
  • Stars & Stripes program for veterans & active-duty military members
  • Clinical therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Holistic therapies such as mindfulness meditation, exercise therapy and recreation therapy
  • Diverse staff from top hospitals, universities and healthcare institutions
  • Family support groups
  • Diverse group curriculum, including but not limited to: 12-step, Conscious Recovery and Refuge Recovery
  • Aftercare & alumni programming



Casa Palmera Los Angeles Is Truly Changing Lives

Patients who complete treatment here are more in control of the symptoms of their addiction, have hope for a better life and have improved self-confidence. Take a look at some of our latest patient outcomes*:

  • 96% believe they are a better person
  • 98% are hopeful for the future
  • 96% understand how to control their symptoms
  • 97% report they can handle what happens in life
  • 98% can identify early warning signs of becoming sick and are willing to ask for help
*Percentage includes adult patients who admitted to a substance use disorder treatment program under Authentic Recovery Center in 2022 (between 1/1/22 and 12/31/22) and completed the Recovery Assessment Scale (RAS, N=86). As patients who admitted to treatment presented with addiction as their primary mental illness, “addiction” here also refers to “mental illness experience” as written in the RAS.





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Meet the Leaders of Casa Palmera Los Angeles

Derek Wilksen

CEO, Casa Palmera Los Angeles 

In a dynamic and seasoned career, Derek has demonstrated exceptional acumen in developing and evolving the organizational and operational processes within rapidly changing industries. In the realm of healthcare, particularly in the context of mental health and substance abuse treatment centers, he has spearheaded remarkable initiatives by integrating best-in-class practices and achieving notable accreditations.

He too has also built a strategic network of alliances with industry thought leaders and licensed professionals, thereby amplifying the impact of his work.

As a testament to his empathetic leadership, and a man of recovery himself, Derek is enthusiastic about aiding others in overcoming substance abuse and addiction. His personal journey serves as a source of inspiration in the mental health industry.

Lastly, Derek is an accomplished lecturer and fervent public speaker, engaging audiences with his insights and experiences.


Brad Jones, LCSW

Clinical Director, Casa Palmera Los Angeles

As clinical director of Casa Palmera Los Angeles, Brad has been instrumental in fostering a unified and constructive work environment. He passionately leads his team with the core belief that every patient deserves the highest quality of care during their treatment journey.

At the heart of his clinical approach lies his personal commitment to empower and guide his patients through the profound challenges of addressing mental health and substance abuse. Brad’s own journey towards sobriety, which began in 2012, serves as a testament to the transformative power of recovery. A year after starting his personal journey, Brad entered the behavioral health field, joining a long-term experiential treatment program. This first-hand experience fuels his unwavering drive to support Casa LA’s patients in their pursuit of lasting recovery.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Brad broadened his impact by serving the city’s vulnerable homeless and incarcerated communities through the non-profit sector. This experience cemented his conviction that everyone has the right to redefine their narrative. He sees life’s toughest moments not as setbacks but as catalysts for introspection and growth.

Central to Brad’s ethos are integrity and transparency. He believes these pillars are the foundation of trust and form the bedrock of meaningful relationships with patients, especially during pivotal stages of their recovery journey.


Erika Grohs

Director of Operations

As director of operations and Casa Palmera Los Angeles’s longest standing employee, Erika has seen CPLA, formerly Authentic Recovery Center, from many different angles. Her experiences in different positions within the organization have allowed her to recognize how her decisions in her current role will impact all levels of staff. It’s important to her that she provides her team with the support and resources that she remembers needing as a front-line staff member. She strives to be open and honest with her team so they can be comfortable and confident in their work supporting patients. Erika helps her fellow employees succeed in their roles, navigate work/life balance and grow in their careers. She says her personal recovery journey has helped her relate to patients during their challenging times and says that her drive comes from watching people come in hopeless and at their worst finally find themselves and leave hopeful with another chance at life.


Find Lifelong Recovery at Casa Palmera Los Angeles

The experiences you have with us and the relationships formed here will shape the rest of your life. Look at what our former patients have to say about their time in treatment with us and what it has meant for them:

“Before I went to [treatment], I attended two other drug rehab programs. I have to say that my experience exceeded my expectations. Their focus on my core issues was perfect for my needs. The staff … showed me compassion and offered me excellent guidance to deal with my depression and anxiety. I don’t think I would have made it without their support. I’ve been clean and sober since 2005.” -Former patient

“I never felt like a number and … I never felt like I slipped into the cracks.” -Former patient


“I left the program with a sense of achievement and contentedness. I’m not even sure how that happened, but I can tell you this: It was the smallest program I had ever been to and I did more individual therapy there than in all the other rehabs combined … I’m so glad I found them and I’m very grateful for the staff and all their support and caring.” -Former patient


Fully Licensed in California

Take comfort in knowing that each of our residential treatment centers are licensed by the state Department of Health Care Services.

Casa Palmera Los Angeles (Overland) License + Certification 190577EP Expires 10/31/2023
Casa Palmera Los Angeles (Pelham) License + Certification 190577FP Expires 10/31/2023
Casa Palmera Los Angeles (Cushdon) License + Certification 190577HP Expires 10/31/2023